2014 Home Goals – How Did I Do?


Today (Monday) is an “ice day”, so the kids are off school.  Again.  The upside is that it’s a full day off vs. a delay.  I’ll take that because a delay is just a hassle.  My oldest is supposed to have exams starting tomorrow, and they got pushed back a day due to the day off, which means he has another day to study, and he can watch the Ohio State championship game tonight without worrying about exams tomorrow.  #firstworldproblems

With the new year, I’m looking forward to the home projects that we have on tap, both inside and outside, while also looking at what I had hoped to accomplish in 2014.

1) Banish the remaining wallpaper from my home
Our master bathroom is the largest remaining wallpaper offender in our home.  I got started on this one at least.  That has to count for something, right?  So, instead of looking like this:

I got to work and got much of the wallpaper down in March, to the point where it looked like this.  The problem is that it still looks like this (only dustier).  Lots of drywall repair that has left me paralyzed.  So, let’s make this a goal for 2015 – to get this bathroom finished!  I’m thinking it’s a One Room Challenge type of project, where I have deadlines that I’m held accountable.  I need deadlines and accountability to someone other than myself!

2) The backyard – simplify and make it work for our family

I made baby step progress on this project too, but in my defense, it’s a biggie.  We want to take out the pond and replace it with a paver patio and an outdoor fireplace.  The pond is just too high maintenance, and never seems to look good for more than 30 minutes (and that 30 minutes is immediately after it’s been professionally cleaned).

We had a landscape architect come out and he gave us three different options for a plan.  So, we have a plan, and it looks like this:

We’re supposed to get started on the pond removal process this month, but the freezing temps are most likely going to delay that progress.  But, it’s something at least.

3) The kids’ rooms – organize and make it functional
This is a work in progress.  I made some headway in my daughter’s room with this closet organization project:

I’m working on my oldest son’s room now, but it’s usual state is too horrific for the blog at the moment, so I won’t scare you with photos.  Once I make some progress, I’ll share.  I will say that we got rid of a bunch of junk and put the new headboard together, which is a big space saver.  

Now I’m on the hunt for a new dresser in the hopes of taming the clothing explosion that usually exists in his room.

4) Finish my husband’s office
No forward movement on this one.  Fail.  But, it’s not like it looks like our master bathroom or anything…

5) Organize the garage and storage area
I did make some great progress in the garage this summer, in preparation for our big fish fry party, but it’s an area that will always be a challenge since my family likes to just throw stuff out there vs. put it in its proper place.  Apparently I didn’t capture my garage in proper photos like I should have, but I do have this ball storage organization photo, which has to count for something:

6) Paint the great room(?)
Ironically, the one goal that had a question mark next to it, is one that I actually completed!  My great room went from Palladian Blue to Revere Pewter, and I love it!

Of course, that wasn’t without going through a ton of paint samples, trying to arrive at a decision.

An old photo, but here is a version of the “before”:

And as it stands now:

Do I get bonus points for painting the kitchen too, since it wasn’t on my list of goals?

I went with Ethereal Mood (Sherwin Williams) in here, and it’s a great companion color to the Revere Pewter (which you can see in the breakfast nook):

Again, Revere Pewter on the hallway wall with the clock, and Ethereal Mood in the kitchen.

The previous color (Mountain Laurel, Benjamin Moore), was pretty, but after painting the great room, I felt like the kitchen needed to change along with it.

Another before shot:

And the after:

After (reading with a bit of a green hue in here for some reason):

So there you have it – not too terrible when you look at it as a whole.  Now on to 2015!  New year, finish what you didn’t complete from last year new goals!

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    January 13, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    I love your coffee table in your living room! Where did you find it?!

  • Reply
    January 30, 2015 at 3:33 am

    Love the new paint colors!

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    October 22, 2017 at 9:13 am

    That couch is amazing! Where did you find it?

    • Reply
      October 22, 2017 at 7:15 pm

      We bought it at Arhaus Furniture – it’s the Emory Sectional.

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