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Happy Friday!

You know, it’s getting to be “that time” of the year – the holiday season.  For me, it seems like it’s a downward spiral once we hit my daughter’s birthday (October 9th).  From there, it’s Halloween, our anniversary, my son’s birthday and Thanksgiving in November, and then Christmas Chaos in December.

One of my goals this year (who am I kidding, it’s my goal every year), is to get ahead of things – shop early, get Christmas cards done so they actually arrive before Christmas, wrap presents before midnight on Christmas Eve, plan my cookie exchange well in advance, etc…  We do have our family photo shoot scheduled for November 3rd, so that counts, right?

Well, it looks like Tiny Prints is in my head and knows I’m trying to be a planner.  I have my eyes on quite a few possibilities for my cookie exchange this year.

Their holiday cards are 15% off and if you spend more than $149 you get 20% off using the promo code 20HOLOCT.

Love the chalkboard inspired invites…


I don’t know about you, but we give our kids ornaments every year, so now is a great time to snap up some sweet ones (since you’re going to be on top of things this year).  Personalized ornaments are 25% off using the promo code DEAL1010.

And when I say sweet, I’m not kidding.  How sweet is this?

So, are you on top of anything holiday related?  Having knocked out some gifts already is giving me some peace of mind – perhaps I should set a goal of being “done” by a certain date…  Must shop post-Thanksgiving, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have it all done by December 1st, so you could actually enjoy the month of December (as opposed to being crazy insane) for a change?

Picking up some goodies at Tiny Prints is a tiny step in the right direction.

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