Ceiling Tile Turned Message Board

Being the mother of three kids, you can never have enough places to display/track/remember all of their “stuff”. We have a Command Central of sorts in our kitchen that has two month’s worth of white board calendars, a small magnetic white board and two small corkboards to keep tabs on all of our (ok, the kids’) activities. Who am I kidding? What activities do I have these days, aside from Full-Time Working Mom, Family Chauffeur and Short Order Cook?

Anyhoo, I love pretty message boards, and was inspired by this cool one at Pottery Barn Teen:
Photo:  PBTeen.com
Kind of an all-in-one multi-tasking message board, right? It got me thinking about how I could possibly replicate that in my house, but not with the Pottery Barn price tag. Enter ceiling tile + plywood. A match made in heaven. It just so happened that the spare piece of ceiling tile was almost the exact same size as a spare piece of plywood that we had in the garage.  NOTE:  In completing my recent mirror project, which included (multiple) trips to Lowe’s, I did stumble upon some great precut pieces of wood that would work perfectly for this project.
So, I used some liquid nails and adhered the ceiling tile to the plywood. Once it was dry, I covered it in batting and this black and white damask fabric that I am obsessed with had. To add some additional interest, I did a lattice pattern across the front with ribbon.  Just add some picture wire to the back to hang it and you’re done!  To add even more interest, hang it with some pretty ribbon and hang it from a decorative knob or a pretty hook.

You could really expand upon this idea by adding in pieces of pegboard, chalkboard/magnetic chalkboard, corkboard, etc… Measure them all out and frame it up with moulding and you have your own Pottery Barn-esque message center.  I’m also thinking something like this would be a nice addition to my otherwise-blah-boring office cubicle.  With all of the different fabric and ribbon choices out there, the possibilities are endless!  A great spot for family photos – plus it’s easy to add/remove photos as desired.  

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