Color Crush: Navy + Blush

If you’ve read my blog for a nanosecond, you may have discovered that I’m a big fan of navy (Exhibit A – my dining room).  Always have been.  It’s like a good pair of jeans – it’s comfortable and it goes with everything.  You can dress it up, or keep it casual.  It just works.  Perhaps it’s because spring is on the way (or that I am wishing for it so much), but I have a navy and blush color crush.  I had navy bridesmaids dresses when I got married almost 24 years ago, and I think if I got married now, I would choose navy again, with blush accents.  Not to be confused with Shelby, from Steel Magnolias, whose colors were “blush and bashful”. 😉  This post contains some affiliate links.

Navy and Blush Wedding

I’m thinking about adding some punches of navy and blush to my family room to spruce it up for spring.  That’s the upside of having a neutral couch – you can easily change it up with throw pillows, depending upon your mood.  Maybe something like these pillows – Navy and Blush Pillows

Or maybe some navy and blush abstract artwork.  I love this high impact piece – and that it’s printable.  I still need to give this printable art a try, don’t I?

Navy and blush abstract artwork

Or this piece of abstract art, perhaps (also printable).

Abstract Art in Blush and Navy

I’m considering throwing my hat in the ring for another One Room Challenge this spring (because I’m crazy like that).  My basement office has turned into a basement junk room, and it would be nice to reclaim it as my own, or repurpose it into something completely different.  A guest room, maybe?  You could create some fun color palettes with navy and blush.

Navy and Blush Color Palette

Source – Design Seeds

Throw in a little bit of pattern along with it – so pretty.

But the idea of a fresh office space is certainly appealing.

Navy and blush office

Source –

Dare I say, I would consider adding some wallpaper a room?  I could totally get behind something like this (as long as I’m not the one hanging the wallpaper, that is).

What do you think of navy and blush?  Trendy? Or a look that could last long term?  Like anything, I think if you don’t go overboard, it’s something that you can incorporate in your home, with the option to change things up once you tire of it.  Although I don’t think I’ll ever tire of navy. 🙂



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    Alice J
    March 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    Oooh I love your language! I LOVE navy blue! I’m finally getting gutsy in old age (I’m only 47) and we are re-doing our family room so I ordered neutral sofas and my accents are navy and whatever other color I like with the navy but I’ve been really loving the navy/blush/coral/hot pink combos I’ve seen.
    Please do your guest room! That’s next on our to-do list and I am using navy, that I know for sure.

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    March 17, 2018 at 7:06 am

    Love all your ideas and examples! It’s just such a classic and fresh look with a soft feminine edge. Funny you should mention wanting to try printable art. I tried it recently for the first time and can only recommend it. Uploaded it to Costco’s photoshop, picked it up the same day:). Just wrote a post about it yesterday!

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