Dipping my toes in the water…

I have been an avid reader of many of the decorating blogs that are out there today, and have been inspired in more ways that I can count.  It all started with my quest to make an upholstered headboard for our new king sized bed.  That’s when I discovered Centsational Girl and her wonderful tutorial(s).  It was like I discovered this underground world of decorating deliciousness!  I was so inspired that I emailed her and thanked her for such a wonderful site.  She was sweet enough to feature my photos on her Feature Friday, and I have been decorating-blog-obsessed ever since.

My first projects, inspired by Centsational Girl:

Ugly table before and after:

Sofa Table:  Before
Sofa Table: After
In addition to being decorating obsessed, our house is up for sale, so that just takes everything to a whole new level.  But, with the help of all of the decorating blogs that I follow, I have gotten some great ideas on how to make my house shine!  I will be blogging about things that inspire me, projects I’m working on and our house hunting journey.  Whether anyone listens, remains to be seen. 🙂

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