Faux Roman Shades

I spent much of my Saturday confronting my sewing fears in an effort to construct some faux roman shades for my basement.  I was hoping for a fresh start with sewing, as the last time I used it, I ended up putting it away and going the no-sew route. (A jamming machine and bent needles will do that to you!)

Remember my no sew, all-faux roman shades?  Yeah, those were calling my name at one point during this process.

This fresh start didn’t start out so fresh.  We’re talking Groundhog Day.  I swear, the World of Sewing is like a foreign land to me.  Complete with its own language and everything.  Bobbins, bias and selvage edges.  Say what?


Even the sewing machine has its own hieroglyphics.  See them?  Right along the top.

But I refused to give in and accept defeat.  I googled my way through it and adjusted my thread tension and my stitch length (see, I’m picking up the language – like Rosetta Stone for sewing), and was rewarded. 

A small reward, but a big victory.  I’ll share my method (when I figure out what it is).

Yes, that’s one faux roman shade.  But it’s lined.  I’m still tweaking my technique and how I am going to work the remaining windows, and I think it will get easier as I go along.  Actually, I might even be able to rig this faux roman shade into two faux roman shades.  It’s actually much longer than it looks.  More to come…

So, are you completely intimidated by sewing, or are you a sewing whiz?  Any tips for rookies like me?  


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    August 27, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    I used the same faux technique that you did on your breakfast room windows, but I lined mine. Instead of doubling the fabric, I just sewed a liner to the back (does that make sense?).

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    Amy Marshall
    August 27, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    I feel the same way about sewing! I even took home ec several years, but I'm still intimidated by sewing and just really don't like it. I bought a new machine off ebay almost a year ago and haven't even taken it out of the box…that's how scared I am of it! LOL Can't wait to see how you made this…it's beautiful!

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    Emily @ ACanDoAttitude
    August 27, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    Darn Pinterest with its DIY crafts and fashion has tempted me to learn to sew. My only recent experience took me 13 hours and lots of instruction. I guess I should focus on it again. Here is my post about it. http://a-can-do-attitude.blogspot.com/2011/11/christmas-present-more-than-year-in.html

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    Andrea @ Decorating Cents
    August 27, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    I would love to be a sewing genius. I've only used my machine for pillows covers and hemming. I see tutorials all the time for re-fashions and keep saying to my self I'm gonna get there one day.

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    August 27, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Gorgeous!! What kind of thread do you use? I was using coats and Clark…that's what my mom used. My machine jammed up. Tension was a mess. I found out from a "sister" sewer…coats and Clark waxes their thread and this is what cause the jamming. I switched to gutterman no more problems

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    August 29, 2012 at 1:33 am

    Yes, I'm terrified of my sewing machine! I'd say you have conquered the fear. I love how they turned out. Can't wait to hear all about it.

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    Keeping it Cozy
    August 30, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    I have been wanting to make my own roman shades but have been too intimidated to try! You give me some motivation though… 🙂

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    September 1, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Delurking to say that sewing terrifies me. I am majorly crafty in almost everything else, but not sewing! My mother sews beautifully and I can sew if she is sitting right next to me — unfortunately, she lives 200 miles away! In fact, her ancient machine died a couple years ago, and I gave her my machine. However — I am in the midst of buying a new-construction townhouse that comes with no window coverings, so I am once again tempted to try…. I wonder if Mom could come spend some time (and bring that machine)???

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    Roxie Tenner
    November 7, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Good job, Jenny! For the gorgeous roman shade, and for overcoming your fear of sewing machines. 😀 It has this controlled look, but not stiff. I also think it matches well with the window frame and the walls. Roman shades always do. They usually have versatile yet elegant designs that make them easier to use in any setting.

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    Lida Swisher
    January 10, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    Well, isn’t it great that as you conquered your fear, you were also able to create something amazing at the same time? These kinds of stuff really gives you a reason to be happy and proud of yourself. It may seem very ordinary, but still, it’s a great accomplishment! ;’)

    Lida Swisher

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