Favorite Projects of 2017

I always enjoy looking back at the year to see what we’ve accomplished, and it’s a great reminder that we did more than I actually remembered.  Sometimes the projects are our own, sometimes they’re projects that I’ve done for a client.  Either way, let’s take a look back at my favorite projects of 2017!

One Room Challenge Dining Room Makeover

I think my One Room Challenge dining room makeover is probably my favorite of the year – or pretty darn close, anyway.  I still stop and look at how pretty it is, especially with the stunning drapes that my mom made for me even though I’m fairly certain that she wanted to run away during the process.  

One Room Challenge: Navy Dining Room Makeover

One Room Challenge Navy Dining Room Makeover

It’s been fun to decorate for the holidays, and we’ve done our share of entertaining this holiday season as well, and it’s just plain pretty!  Bonus that it’s one of the first rooms you see when you walk into our home, so that certainly doesn’t hurt.  And I have absolutely loved having a Christmas tree in here this year.

12 Days of Holiday Homes - Evolution of Style

Furniture Makeovers

I’ll admit it – I tend to get stressed out doing furniture makeovers for clients because they’re looking for a specific look or finish, and I want to make sure it’s just right.  As a result, I really enjoy furniture makeovers that I do myself and then sell to whoever wants to buy them.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it, right?  That allows me to redo the furniture to my own taste, and play around and experiment along the way.

This thrifty dresser makeover turned out beautifully, and had me wishing that I had a place for it in my own home.  Do you remember where it started?  A pretty, and solid piece that needed a little TLC.

Dixie Dresser Before

And she got just that.  I might have to revisit this color (Kendall Charcoal, tinted to Amy Howard’s One Step Paint).  It’s such a nice mid-tone gray.

Thrifty Dresser Makeover

Kendall Charcoal Dresser

I think I need to make time to do more of these projects!  I have a couple of dressers that have been sitting around, waiting for their makeovers, but then I got busy with other projects and they fell by the wayside.  Adding that to my 2018 to-do list…

Exterior House Painting

This project had been on our to-do list for awhile, and with our son’s graduation this past spring, we decided to pull the trigger (because you know how I work when it comes to deadlines – I need them to get stuff done).  We were having an outdoor graduation party at our home, so obviously, having the exterior looking good was a priority.  However, choosing an exterior paint color was more daunting than I anticipated.  Thankfully, I was able to invest in the help of my friend Cyndy at The Creativity Exchange to make sure I didn’t make a decision that I would regret in the future.

Repose Gray Exterior Paint Color

2017 Graduation Party

Speaking of graduation, hosting our first high school graduation party was a feat and project in and of itself, given the amount of time and preparation it took to get everything ready.  We lucked out, in that we had a beautiful day for the party, and I don’t think the house ever looked better!

Outdoor Graduation Party

My New Shop

This year, my goal was to “grow” – and part of that included growing into a bigger space.  I leased a warehouse space to give me a larger work area, and also a place to go and work, and then leave it there.  It sounds silly, but having a place to go and work makes a huge difference to me and how I work and manage my time.  I really enjoy going there to work, listening to audiobooks or podcasts, and just getting things done.  It’s amazingly easy to lose time during the day, and I thoroughly enjoy it.  My shop space is close to home, which makes it even better.  I’m already planning to renew my lease, and am making a leap of faith to a two year lease vs. a one year lease like I did for this year.

Warehouse Space

Customer Kitchen Makeovers

I don’t share every kitchen that I do – I don’t always get photos, but I love sharing them when I can.  Some favorites from 2017:

This cherry kitchen got a complete overhaul – new counters, flooring, island reconfiguration, you name it.  I love how it turned out!

White Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

And a two tone kitchen is a fun change of pace for me too:

Simply White and Chelsea Gray Kitchen

Whole House Remodel

My friend Amanda was kind enough to open up her home and share the amazing transformation they achieved through some vision and hard work.   If you missed it, you can see Part One here and Part Two here.  It’s quite spectacular, let me tell you!

Whole House Remodel - A Tour

These are just a few of my favorites – so much to cover over the course of a year!  I’m planning on a post about my favorite books of the year as well, so bear with me as I go back through my library and pull it together.  I adore reading (even if I am reading via Audible).  I just tell people that I’m reading with my ears instead of my eyes. 🙂

What were your favorite projects of 2017?


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