How to Make a Beautifully Simple Winter Wreath

While I love sharing DIY projects and home updates, I’m not one to get overly crafty on this blog.  But today I’m breaking the rules just a little bit with a simple winter wreath.  Granted, it’s still a DIY project, and it will give your home a beautiful wintery look, but it’s still on the crafty side.  Normally at this time of year, I go to a fun wreath making party that one of my friends hosts at a local florist.  Chatting with friends, eating appetizers, drinking wine and creating a beautiful wreath for your home all in one sitting.  I couldn’t go to this year’s event, so I decided to make one on my own this year.  While it’s not quite as much fun, the end result is still a good one – a beautifully simple winter wreath.  

And I’m going to show you how easy it is to make one of your own.  This post contains some affiliate links.

How to Make a Winter Wreath

What You’ll Need

The great thing about this project is that you really can’t mess it up.  It’s all about fluffing, adjusting, embellishing and making it your own.  You can add greenery around the entire grapevine wreath, or go for an asymmetrical look like I did.  I know, asymmetrical is so not the way my mind typically works.  I’m a slave to symmetry.  But, I’ve seen some really pretty asymmetrical winter wreaths, and wanted to emulate one of my own.

How to Make Your Wreath

You start with your bare grapevine wreath and cut segments of greenery to insert right into the wreath. These wreaths really lend themselves to embellishment.  Since I’m going for an asymmetrical look, I’m starting on the side and working my greenery outward.  I really love the cedar greenery for this wreath – it allows you to layer it with other winter greens, and it’s easy to taper it or build it up, depending upon the look that you want.

See what I mean?  You keep adding to it, adjusting as needed to get the look you want.  If you don’t like it, pull stems out and start again.  No harm done.

I determined a point where I wanted to shift the direction of the greenery for this asymmetrical wreath.  This midpoint is where I will also add my bow and embellishments, so keep that in mind as you work.

Winter Wreath

Add Embellishments

Once I was satisfied with the fullness and detail of my wreath, I added my embellishments.  For this wreath, I kept it simple, with some shimmering silver berries.  But you can add as much or as little as you’d like, that’s what makes this so much fun.  You could even tie in some Christmas ornaments if you wanted.

Beautiful Winter Wreath - DIY

Once you get all of your greenery in place, hold up your wreath and look at how the greens fall.  If some are going willy nilly all over the place, grab your floral wire and wrap it around some of the greens to hold them more securely in place.  You might have to add some additional greenery to cover the wire if it shows, but it’s not a big deal.  You could also add the floral wire as you go if you’d like, but I’m not a planner that way.

The final touch is a bow.  I actually made my own bow by following this YouTube video.  Who knew that bows were so easy?  Would you believe that years ago, I bought “The Bowmaker” to make bows like this?  This was before YouTube ever existed, mind you.

Winter Wreath with Velvet Bow

I hung my wreath on the mirror behind our bar in our basement, and it’s a simple and festive statement piece for that space.  I love it.  Plus, I love that it doesn’t scream “Christmas”.  Decorations that are more “winter” in nature are becoming a favorite of mine, so I can leave them up even after Christmas is over.

I had extra greenery left (I was originally planning on making another winter porch pot), but instead I created an indoor porch pot with my champagne bucket (similar item here).  Don’t you just love what Mother Nature can do for your home at the holidays?

I hope you’re enjoying getting your home ready for the holidays this year, and enjoy touches of nature throughout your home like I do.  I am going to make simple winter wreaths a part of my decorating each year – I love them so much!  Don’t be intimidated – and people will be so impressed with your crafty skills!






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    Kayla Payne
    December 12, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    It’s perfectly simple and gorgeous, my friend!

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