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I know we’re in a recession and the housing market has imploded.  However, I still thought our house would have sold by now.  We have gotten a great deal of interest in our house, with some buyers ranking it as their #1 choice – which is great.  However, these buyers all have strings attached – they need to sell their home, or are waiting on details of their relocation package, etc…  I need a buyer with no strings!  It doesn’t help matters when you have sellers who drop the price of their (nicer) home because they have a good relocation deal on their side.  I feel like they just cut in line.  I’ve been waiting in line longer than you have, darnit!  Sorry, I guess I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself.  I think we have a beautiful home and I’m getting a little frustrated that someone else hasn’t snapped it up the same way we did.   (We bought it after viewing it at an open house – so I’m one of the people you can mention who bought a house as a result of an open house).

I have done all of the staging things I’m supposed to do – I have decluttered and put a bunch of stuff in storage (PODS rule, btw), I neutralized the house with decor and even took down most of our family photos.  I added a granite kitchen island, revamped our half bath (see below), and when we having showings this place is show ready.  And we are also priced fairly (aside from the cheaters who cut in line).  Feedback has been that we are priced right.
Here is a virtual tour of our house for your online viewing pleasure.  If you know anyone in the Southwest Ohio area that’s looking for a great house, send them our way. 🙂

Our home – I might add that the window boxes are planted and look beautiful.
Dining Room
Home Office
Kitchen/Breakfast Room
Light and Bright Family Room
Half Bath – Might I add that the half bath used to look like this…
Old half bath, complete with pork chop counter and huge wall mirror
Finished basement – this was one of the big selling points for us when we bought it.
Oh yes, I repainted the basement in preparation for selling as well – see before…
Ok, this was mid-painting – it doesn’t always look this chaotic
Another pre-painting photo
Basement – After
Another basement photo
Master Bedroom – I should update this photo – I have made changes to this room!
Master bathroom
Backyard – yes, we have a screened porch, but I don’t have a picture of it!
So, there you go.  A quick tour of our house.  I buried my St. Joseph statue this week, so maybe that will hurry things along. 🙂

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