Under Contract

It has been a long time since two words have been able to send such thrill and panic through me. Thrilling, because we finally got an offer on our house and were able to come to an agreement on a reasonable price and agreeable terms. Panic, because of all that needs to be done to pack up and move. “Where are you moving?” is a question that we are being asked on a regular basis now that we’re under contract.
That is a good question, and it makes this process even more stressful, given the answer. We have offered on a house that is a short sale. Yes, a short sale. If you have horror stories about short sales, I’m covering my ears and singing to myself, because I don’t think I can deal with an additional layer of stress right now. Will the process take more time? Yes. Do we have a place to live in the interim? Yes. We’re moving in with my parents. The whole family. All five of us. We’re willing to endure some short-term inconvenience for what will hopefully be an exceptionally good deal.

So, rather than dwell on the negative of living with my parents, having our whole house essentially in storage, our lives in a state of limbo – let’s focus on the positive. The new house. I’m trying not to get too excited, because these situations can be precarious. But, I will say the house is a Craftsman style, which I love. Wonderfully chunky moulding and woodwork, architectural columns, warm and inviting front door. Some inspirational photos…




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