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I know, I’ve been slacking.  My Lovely Lady is still in the garage, in progress.  But this week has been especially crazy, not even taking into account that my boys started school on Monday (which is crazy – no kid should have to start the school year on a Monday.  Wednesday, yes.  Monday, no.)  A new school no less. 

Today could be the day. Waiting to see if the buyers who have gone through our house (twice) are going to write an offer. They’re meeting with their realtor today, so I’m on pins and needles awaiting word. The good news is that when they went through our house the second time, ours was the only one they saw. The bad news is that we still can’t find a house to buy. But again, given today’s housing market, it’s not such a bad place to be, right?

So, all of this has me fantasizing about that perfect house. (Who am I kidding? Like I have ever stopped.) The house that I walk into and it feels like home.


The one where you spend your time visualizing where you’ll put your furniture, what color you’ll paint the walls, how you’ll dress it up for the holidays…
Southern Living
The one where you can imagine everyday living…
As well as long-standing family traditions…
Coastal Living
And perhaps a space that’s just for me.
Candace Olson
Ok, I’m getting carried away.  Like I said, I have been fantasizing about the perfect house.  And my perfect house would have a relaxing wonderland like this.  With a door.  That locks.

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