Mother’s Day Gift Guide for all of Mom-Kind


With Mother’s Day weekend on the horizon, I thought I would share some gift ideas for the women who always put others before them.  Since moms are masters of all trades, I figured I’d put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for all of Mom-Kind – something for everyone.  While homemade gifts are still my favorite, sometimes it’s nice to give a gift that Mom wants, but may not buy for herself.  On that note, feel free to share this post with your spouse and children if they are stumped for gift ideas. 😉  This post contains some affiliate links.

For the Musical/Listening Mom – Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

I received one of these Bose SoundLink Speakers for Christmas, and I. love. it.  I listen to audiobooks – an Audible Subscription is another great gift idea –  music and even talk radio on it (I’m a geek like that).  One of the great perks about it is that it has a battery in it (with a long battery life) that allows you to unplug it and tote it around if you want – which I do.  I bring it with me when I’m painting cabinets, and it’s fantastic – if I’m painting lower cabinets, I plop it on the ground next to me and listen.

bluetooth speaker

I even bought a carrying case for it, making it easy for me to pack it up and bring it with me.

bose carrying case

For the Active Mom – FitBit Blaze

Since my husband can’t contain himself when he buys me a gift, he has already given me his Mother’s Day gift to me – a FitBit Blaze.  I have always been a fan of my original Fitbit, but this one takes things to the next level.  It has a heart rate monitor on it, notifies and displays texts and phone calls, multi-sport tracking of runs, cardio, biking, etc.., and GPS to map your runs and stats. If you’re in need of a workout, it has a Fitstar capability that will walk you through a workout step-by-step.  No excuses!

fitbit blaze

For the Creative Mom – Silhouette Cameo

For creative moms, the Silhouette is a great gift.  I am a scrapbooker, and have a Silhouette that allows me to take my creativity to the next level.  It’s loaded with options to do more than I even know how to do at this point, and it has also come in handy for many a school project for the kids.  I love that this Silhouette bundle comes with the Sketch Pens – they’re so much fun to use!


For the Handy Mom – Rolling Toolbox

If you’re into DIY and painting projects around your house, sometimes you just want your own stuff organized in your own toolbox (I know I do).  This is where a rolling toolbox comes into the picture – who says toolboxes are for men only?

I have this one (and I want another one).  It’s amazing – it holds so much stuff, and the rolling aspect makes it easy to get around.


This one is pretty cool too though, a little smaller, both in price and size – maybe this should be my secondary toolbox…



PomBox is a basically a Paint of the Month Club that sends you a monthly box of painting goodies.  How fun is that?  As a paint geek, I am definitely intrigued!


For the Sentimental Mom – Personalized Jewelry

What mom doesn’t like jewelry?  Especially the kind that commemorates her children, right?  I love birthstone jewelry – my grandmother had a birthstone ring that I always admired.  If rings aren’t here thing, how about this birthstone necklace?

birthstone necklace

Or maybe a monogrammed charm bracelet?

Charm bracelet

For the Gardening Mom

These succulent planters are adorable!  I need to find a way to incorporate succulents into my home decor – they’re just so darn pretty!


So there you go – just a few gift ideas for Mom.  If all else fails, homemade gifts are always a winner in my book!





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    May 4, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    I would love to receive any of these! Advance Happy Mothers day to you Jenny!

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