The Bank Has Accepted Your Offer

I can’t think of six words that have made me this happy in a long time!  I have been quiet for awhile because I’ve been uber-busy packing up our house, since we close on October 20th.  Honestly, it’s been kind of a sad process for me, since we’ve had so many wonderful memories in the house.  Moving is very bittersweet, that’s for sure.  Especially once the house starts looking “empty”.  While everyone else is decorating for fall, I have been taking pictures off the wall, packing up closets and having a garage sale.  Quite frankly, it’s depressing.

To make matters worse, up until today, we didn’t have a firm idea of where we were moving.  We put in an offer on a short sale, and have been waiting, waiting, waiting.  As my oldest son so aptly said, “Moving kind of stinks when you don’t have a house to move into.”  AMEN.  So, we’ve been packing up, getting ready to put our stuff in storage and are planning on moving in with my parents.  Yes, a family of five, moving in with my parents.  I love my parents, don’t get me wrong, but I also love having my own space.  My own bed.  My own house. 

But today, we received word that the banks has accepted our offer!!  I’m overjoyed!  If all things go as planned, we could be in our new house within a month.  I have mentally moved in to this house already, planning my paint colors, room arrangements, redecorating, and I can’t wait to get in there and get to work!!
So, even though we haven’t closed yet, I’m going to give you a photo of what is to be our new house.  Our final house, as I don’t want to move again anytime soon!

Our new home
So, bear with me as I go through this crazy moving process.  I feel my depression lifting now that we have gotten this good news today, and I feel my creative juices starting to flow again as I plan how our family will live in this house and make it our home.

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    October 18, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    Congratulations! Our house just sold (50 days on the market) and we are in the process of packing and planning. We are going to move into a rental for now…not much fun but necessary until we find a new place. I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly for you!! 🙂

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