Digging Out from the Drama

Furniture was delivered on Monday, and I have no pictures to share because I was too busy throwing up with the stomach flu that my daughter brought home from preschool!  I can’t even remember the last time I was sick like that, and to have it happen on moving day was just… wrong.  I should also add that our gas has been turned off since last Thursday because my husband didn’t listen assumed that the same company that runs our electric service, runs the gas (like at our old house).  Wrong.  And given that we only have one gas provider to choose from, you can see why they are just now, TODAY, Wednesday, able to get it turned back on.  So, not only was I sick, I was also FREEZING, since the doors were wide open so the movers could get in and out of the house.  So yes, no heat and no hot water – good times.  I’m sure one day I will look back and laugh at all of this, but I need some time to pass first. 🙂
But, I am starting to dig out from underneath all of the stuff everywhere now that my stomach is starting to feel semi-normal.  And even though it all stresses me out, I have managed to find a happy place in a small corner of my house for the time being.

I’ll take what I can get for the moment.  Baby steps, right?

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