Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I know that with all of the hype of Mother’s Day, sometimes Dad gets the short end of the stick.  Plus, let’s face it, dad’s can be hard to buy for – because typically they don’t need anything.  I’m here to help you make sure that Dad is covered this year with some great Father’s Day gift ideas!

Masculine Phone Case

I love the look of a eye-catching phone case (which I don’t have right now – mine is function over form at the moment).  But this leather phone case is sharp and functional.  What dad doesn’t want to be on-trend when it comes to technology?  Even if your dad can’t figure out how to FaceTime or SnapChat, he can at least look cool while trying.


If your dad misplaces things (not that I know anything about this), the Tile is a life saver and a huge time saver.  Wallet, keys, laptop, you name it.  I think I earned a couple of days of my life back by using Tile.  There’s also the Tile Slim – you can even use this for your phone.

Movies, Movies, Movies

Moviepass.com is a membership service where you pay a monthly fee (less than the price of the average movie), and you can see  a new movie every day (or another option is three movies a month).  If your dad is an avid movie goer, this is a great gift idea!  I’m thinking it might be a good gift idea for my husband – we love movies, and this deal is a money saver if you like to go often.

Wireless Charging Pad

Our chargers have a tendency to grow legs and walk away, so the idea of a wireless charging pad is appealing (and easier to track).  Plus, some of these allow you to charge more than one thing at a time, which is an added bonus.

This charging pad works for both iPhone and Android devices, and you can charge more than one device at a time.

If you’re looking for something that’s functional and a little more stylish, this bamboo charging pad fits the bill.

For the Golf Enthusiast

My husband is a big time golfer, and has about every golf gadget known to man.  Except this one.  Since we live in the midwest, and golfing year-round isn’t an option, this golf club simulator and swing analyzer allows you to practice with your own clubs without leaving your house.

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder

This Bushnell Laser Rangefinder another staple in my husband’s golf bag.  I have only played golf a handful of times (and found it equal parts enjoyable and immensely frustrating).  But, if your husband/dad is serious about his golf game, this rangefinder is a nice tool to have.


All Things Yeti

I use my Yeti tumbler a lot during the summer, and as we head in to more baseball tournaments and outdoor activities, I can see the appeal of a Yeti cooler.  Not necessarily the huge ones (unless you have a boat or go camping), but I could totally get behind one of these Yeti Portable Coolers.  A splurge, yes.  But what a nice addition to have in your arsenal as the temperatures heat up.

Funny Dad Mugs

I know that we all have a zillion coffee mugs floating around, but I would gladly ditch a couple of mine to make room for some of these funny ones.

First there’s this one – 

With multiple kids, you can imagine that the “favorite child” theme is one that is heard around here quite a bit.  So, rest assured, there is a mug for that.

Not trying to be political, but I think regardless of which way you lean politically, we can agree that this mug is funny.

If not, there’s always this “To Do List” mug:

Get Creative

I keep thinking maybe I need to do another one of these photo gifts with the kids again so my husband can put it in his office.  (Minus the self-inflicted cutting of the bangs by my middle son).  I think he would get a kick out of it, since it’s been about ten years since we put this photo gift together.  It’s super easy, and a great photo gift for dad to put on his desk.

Father's Day Photo Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Photo Gift Idea

The main thing is to let Dad know how much we love and appreciate him – I know as a mother, that I love the creative kid-made gifts the most.






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    June 12, 2018 at 10:14 am

    All great ideas Jenny. Love the funny mugs.

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