Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t) – 4.8.16

Happy Friday!

Winter has reared its ugly head here this week, and I’m just done.  Mother Nature has a way of teasing us here in the midwest – a taste of spring, followed by a blast of winter.  You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but it still stinks, every year.  That said, let’s focus on this week’s Friday 5+1, shall we?  This post contains some affiliate links.

Inspiring Ideas from Readers

I’m currently painting kitchen cabinets for a reader, and let me tell you, it’s been such a treat!  My current client is just sweet as can be, and I can’t wait to share the full kitchen transformation.  But, I’ll give you a sneak peek, with this peninsula transformation that is already taking shape.  This used to be covered with cabinet doors and drawer fronts (that were purely decorative – I wish I had taken a before photo!), and they just weren’t useable and didn’t work for them.  So what did they do?  They made it into a feature, rather than a flaw, by covering it with headboard and trim.  I love it!  They’re going to be adding new granite countertops, and extending it so barstools can be incorporated.  A great solution!

IMG_1978 -wm

Drabs 2 Fabs

While we’re on the subject of painting cabinets, my client also introduced me to Drabs 2 Fabs – a cabinet and furniture painting in company in Utah, which has me totally obsessed.  It’s like a dream come true – a shop, a booming business, great transformations – amazing!  And she’s a mother of five (whose husband quit his job to help grow her business).  She’s my idol.

I mean, just look at this.  Amazing.


So impressive, yes?

Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

I have to share this spray gun cleaning kit because it’s a lifesaver if you’re using a paint sprayer – it will save you a lot of time and effort in getting your gun clean (or when you think your gun is clean, but it’s not working properly).



Delicate Surface Frog Tape

I will admit that I have been a fan of Scotch Blue’s Delicate Surface Tape, but when I was in the paint store, they didn’t have it.  So, I took a leap of faith and tried the Frog Tape Delicate Surface Tape.  Good stuff, people.  It not only worked as a delicate surface tape, but no paint bled through, which is really the key for me when dealing with delicate surfaces.  So, I can give it my hearty endorsement.  They’re both good – but it’s nice to know that you have more than one alternative. 🙂

frog tape

Rice Cooker

Ok, this is totally random, but also worth sharing (since I use it regularly – including last night when I made a chicken curry dish with rice).  I love that a rice cooker makes great sticky rice for Asian meals, and that it stays fresh and warm if you don’t eat all of it.  I should mention that my sister-in-law is from South Korea and introduced me to this wonderful appliance (along with her fantastic cooking).


My +1 for the week – hinges.  Cabinet hinges.  Changing out old ones, and trying to find replacements that don’t seem to exist anywhere.  Good times.

So there you have it!  I’m wrapping up two kitchen cabinet projects, so I’ll be sharing them soon!

Have a fantastic (and hopefully warm) weekend!




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    April 8, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    We are having snow and very cold temps, so I am in total agreement with you on that one, I am completely done with it! Looking forward to seeing your latest kitchens! I am going to look for the spray gun cleaning kit, has to be better than a tooth brush and baby bottle nipple brush : )

    • Reply
      April 8, 2016 at 1:44 pm

      Kim, it is better than the tooth brush and baby bottle nipple brush (I tried the baby bottle nipple brush myself before I got the kit). Sometimes you just need something that gets into all of those nooks and crannies!

  • Reply
    December 16, 2016 at 9:26 am

    Yellow frog tape is my FAVORITE. Cabinet hinges are the worst!!!!

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