Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t) – 5.18.18

We’re wrapping up the school year around here, and I can’t believe that the kids are going to be kicking off the summer by the end of next week.  The transition will take a couple of weeks, so cross your fingers that we all come through it in one piece.  Transitions are always tricky, aren’t they?  Don’t even get me started on having my oldest son home for the first summer after college…  Let’s get on with this week’s Friday 5+1!  This post contains some affiliate links.

Cute Wine Gift Bags

I spotted these cute wine gift bags at Target a few weeks ago, and thought they were share-worthy.  What a cute package to deliver a hostess gift of wine for Memorial Day Weekend (or a graduation party – for the parents, of course – they’ll need it, trust me).

Target Wine Gift Bags

Lighthouse Bay

Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman, is a book that I finished recently and found it share-worthy.  I’ll let the Amazon description do the work of describing the storyline – 

“In 1901, a ship sinks off the coast of Lighthouse Bay in Australia. The only survivor is Isabella Winterbourne – escaping her loveless marriage and the devastating loss of her son – who clutches a priceless gift meant for the Australian Parliament. Suddenly, this gift could be her ticket to a new life, free from the bonds of her husband and his overbearing family.

One hundred years later, Libby Slater leaves her life in Paris to return to her hometown of Lighthouse Bay. Living in the cottage that was purchased by her recently passed lover, she hopes to heal her broken heart and reconcile with her sister, Juliet. Libby did something so unforgivable 20 years ago, Juliet is unsure if she can ever trust her sister again.

In this adventurous love story spanning centuries, both Isabella and Libby must learn that letting go of the past is the only way to move into the future.”

I found it to be a captivating story that left me wanting to listen to this book at any spare moment.  It catches your attention early, and draws you in from there.

Fun Summer Towels

Again, I spotted this “Let’s Get Fizzical” towel at Target, and being a child-fan of Olivia Newton-John, I thought it was cute.  Another fun summer hostess gift.

Let's Get Fizzical Towel

Carnegie’s Maid

Carnegie’s Maid, by Marie Benedict, is a book that I finished recently and really enjoyed.  It takes place around the time of the Civil War, and is about a ladies maid to Andrew Carnegie’s mother (think Downton Abbey).  While the book is a work of fiction, there are a lot of historical facts about the Carnegie family as well as the time period in general.  Immigration, class, social status, etc…  It gives a hypothetical story as to why Andrew Carnegie may have ended up as philanthropic as he did, and how his different business ventures came about.  If you like reading about life in times past, and enjoy a good story, you’ll enjoy this book.


Worst End of School Year Mom Ever

The “Worst End of the School Year Mom Ever”  is an oldie but a goodie.  Jen Hatmaker’s tribute to a sloppy finish to the school year as only she can tell it.  I’ve read it more than once, and it still makes me laugh out loud.  

My +1 for the week – People talking during an exercise class

This one is a biggie for me, and let me start by saying, that I’m not talking about the normal chit chat at the beginning of a class, during a warm up.  I’m talking about people carrying on full conversations during class, completely oblivious to how rude and inconsiderate they’re being, not only to the instructor, but to the rest of the class as well.  The way I see it, you wouldn’t do this in a classroom, what makes it any different for a workout?  If you want to talk, go out and grab a coffee.  If you stay and talk, I will be giving you the stink eye. 

Don’t even get me started on people who text during a workout class.  Come. ON.

Have a GREAT weekend!




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    May 18, 2018 at 9:41 am

    I attended my daughter’s spring concert this week and I could not get over the amount of people who carried on full conversations in a normal volume throughout the whole thing. I could barely hear the kids. It was so incredibly rude and disrespectful. And common!

    • Reply
      May 18, 2018 at 11:30 am

      Are people really that oblivious to their surroundings these days? I just don’t get it!

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