Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t) – 7.19.18

I hope you’ve all had a good week – it’s been a bit of a whirlwind here, as I was in Charleston late last week for the Haven Conference (which was amazing), and I’m having a bit of trouble re-acclimating myself to the real world.  I ate at some amazing restaurants, and I’m sad that I have to go back to eating my boring Ohio food after such deliciousness!  Love that city so very much!  This post contains some affiliate links.


Speaking of delicious food, I figured mentioning the book “Delicious” was worth sharing right off the bat.  I just finished it, and really enjoyed it.  Not too serious, but a good story and a good read.  And there’s something satisfying about books that are written about food – the writing is just lovely.

From Amazon – 

“Billie Breslin has traveled far from her home in California to take a job at Delicious!, New York’s most iconic food magazine. Away from her family, particularly her older sister, Genie, Billie feels like a fish out of water—until she is welcomed by the magazine’s colorful staff. She is also seduced by the vibrant downtown food scene, especially by Fontanari’s, the famous Italian food shop where she works on weekends. Then Delicious! is abruptly shut down, but Billie agrees to stay on in the empty office, maintaining the hotline for reader complaints in order to pay her bills.

To Billie’s surprise, the lonely job becomes the portal to a miraculous discovery. In a hidden room in the magazine’s library, Billie finds a cache of letters written during World War II by Lulu Swan, a plucky twelve-year-old, to the legendary chef James Beard. Lulu’s letters provide Billie with a richer understanding of history, and a feeling of deep connection to the young writer whose courage in the face of hardship inspires Billie to comes to terms with her fears, her big sister and her ability to open her heart to love.”

Swig Wine Tumblers

I was just at a friend’s house and she had these cute Swig wine tumblers for summer cocktails.  They’re pretty and functional – keeping your summer drinks cool on a warm evening.  What’s not to love?

CoreLife Eatery

I have been on a clean eating kick for awhile now, and just tried CoreLife Eatery near us, and it was delicious!  More food choices than you can count, and lots of fresh, healthy ingredients on display.  I only wish it was closer to where I live – a nice change from the usual offerings when you’re in a hurry to get lunch on the go.

Corelife Eatery Food Options

Citronella Plants

Now, I didn’t just crawl out from under a rock – I know about citronella, and how it’s a mosquito repellent.  Outdoor candles, sprays, etc… But how did I not know there was a citronella plant?  A citronella plant that is a natural mosquito repellent.  Is this a trick?  Does anyone have these?  Go figure!

Magnetic Metal Bowl

I was installing cabinet doors for a customer recently, and he pulled out this cool magnetic bowl to keep track of all of my screws and hinges.  What a handy item to have on hand so you don’t lose all of your parts and pieces while you’re working (not that this ever happens to me, of course).  It’s the little things, isn’t it?

Magnetic bowl for screws

My +1 for the week – When my kids use up all of the data

Even though we’re never supposed to run out of data (even after we hit our “max”), we might as well be on AOL dial-up if our data gets used up early.  It doesn’t happen often, but ten times out of ten, it’s not my husband and I who are the culprits.  It’s maddening, and our carrier doesn’t offer an option to divide up the data among the family to keep things fair.  There’s a lot of data inequality going on, and I’m not happy about it.  Especially since we’re the ones paying the bill!

Vent over.  There’s going to be a Data Dictatorship coming soon. 

Have an awesome weekend!



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    July 20, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    We had the data issue too but were able to add an alert when they reached their PERSONAL data limit. They became more aware of their usage and made more of an effort to find WiFi. CoreLIfe Eatery is supposed to be opening a Miamisburg location. Think that’s closer to you but could be wrong.

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    Barbara Sewell
    July 20, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Totally unrelated to today’s post, didn’t you feature some sanding gloves/mitts (available at) Amazon a few months back? I’m about to start painting 66 stair balusters and they sure seem like they could make the job easier!

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