Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love +1 Thing I Don’t)

Happy Friday!

I hope you all survived your first week back after the holidays.  I have been cleaning and organizing, and have dropped off some serious baggage at our local Salvation Army store.  Feels good to be back in a normal groove again.

With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Fridays, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday 5+1 post.  I am excited to share some things that have caught my eye, and I hope you enjoy them.  This post contains some affiliate links.

Japanese Varnish Brush
I’m always reading about new products and techniques when it comes to painting, and I spotted this cool Japanese Varnish Brush in one of the furniture forums that I follow.  How cool is this design when it comes to finishing the top of a piece of furniture?  They say it leaves no brush marks or brush hairs behind, and the design just makes good sense, doesn’t it?

Backdrop Paper Reinvented
I love the facelift that these thrift store tables got at My Creative Days, but one of my favorite parts about it is how she incorporated this wood looking backdrop paper for underneath the glass tops.  Brilliant!

It’s intended to be a photography backdrop, but what a great use for it, don’t you think?  Clever!

Humphrey Munson
I stumbled upon Humphrey Munson on Instagram awhile back, and couldn’t help but share this from their feed.  They’re a kitchen design and cabinet making company based out of the UK, and their kitchens are absolutely exquisite.  I know, I said exquisite.  That’s not a word I use often, so I hope it effectively conveys how stunning their kitchen designs are, including the smallest of details.

Like this brilliantly designed drawer for loads of organizational goodness.

Or this beautiful, functional, yet completely hidden away “mini pantry”.  Yes, please.

At the very least, check them out on Instagram – so much kitchen inspiration, I know you’ll love it.

Great Insight on Life and Blogging at Rambling Renovators
Did you catch Jennifer’s “Simplify” post at Rambling Renovators?  It was a reflection on the past year and great thoughts and insight on blogging and looking to do something different this year.  You need to read it – I’m not articulating it very well.  She basically put into words, thoughts that had been swirling around in my head, but that I had never completely pieced together, if that makes any sense.  I loved it, and found myself nodding my head and smiling while reading it.

Facebook Sellers with a Sense of Humor
I am on some local buy/sell Facebook pages, and this came across my feed this week:

How hilariously clever is that?  Love.

My +1 for the week is my husband’s alarm clock.  Not only does it play an electronic version of classical music, but it’s virtually impossible to shut the thing off once it gets going. I swear, I’ve pulled the plug on that thing to try to stop it – it’s that bad.  I have a very simple alarm clock, with a clear snooze button – easy to set/turn off/etc…  It certainly doesn’t help that my husband has never been one to hear alarm clocks in the first place.  

How is that possible?  I hear mine the moment it goes off in the morning.

Have a great weekend!

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