Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t) – 5.12.17


We finally got a break in the rain, and the exterior house painting has finally begun!  I was expecting them to start this weekend, but they started yesterday, so it was a big surprise to see the work well underway when I came home yesterday.  I’m really excited to get the landscaping work finished so we can appreciate the full effect.  We’re having my oldest son’s graduation party at the beginning of next month, and nothing motivates us to get things done like a party! 😉  

So let’s get started with this week’s Friday 5+1!  This post contains some affiliate links.

Painting That I Don’t Have to Do

Speaking of our house painting, I have to say, it’s kind of nice to have someone else do the painting, instead of me for a change. 😉  I wouldn’t know where to begin with an exterior paint job.  Here’s a peek at the work so far…

Repose Gray Exterior

21 Day Detox

Ok, so I’m almost two weeks in on my 21 Day Detox, as part of a group that a trainer I know put together.  It’s been GREAT.  When we first started, this would have been on the +1 side of my list, but now that I’m making some headway, I’m actually liking it.  Here are the rules – I haven’t been perfect, but it has definitely made me pay close attention to what I’m doing, and that’s a good thing.  Here are the basics – and it’s not about counting calories.

21 Day Detox Goals

The New Vinyl

Can I just tell you how amazed I am at how far vinyl has come through the years?  I think I need to dedicate an entire post to vinyl products, because they’re not your mom’s vinyl.  I spotted this at Menard’s and did a double-take.  That’s vinyl.  I’ve seen vinyl wood-look flooring that I had to touch to believe it wasn’t wood.

Vinyl Marble

If You Find Me

I just finished If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch, this week, and it was heartbreaking and uplifting all in one book.  It’s the story of two young girls who had been living in the woods for years with their neglectful mother, and their transition back into the real world.  Good book – strong main character – two thumbs up.

If You Find Me

Brick Floor Tile

Ok, I know that I’ve talked about this gorgeous brick porcelain tile before, but I have to mention it again, because I’m just a smitten kitten for it, and I think we’re going to add it to the entry from our walkout basement (which is currently light beige carpet – and I will never understand that logic behind that decision).  The brick porcelain tile will be a great transition from the outside to the inside.

Brick Porcelain Tile

My +1 for the week – using your phone during a workout class

Ok, so I take my workouts pretty seriously, I’ll admit it.  When I go to a class, I’m focused on the task at hand, and to be honest, I get annoyed with people who chat excessively, because I think it’s rude to the instructor, and also to the people taking the class.  Talking a bit as class is getting started is one thing, but talking/texting in the middle of class, or talking on the phone during class is a bit much.  I just read a comment about someone taking a spin class at my gym, and talking on their speaker phone during class.  Seriously?  1) that’s rude 2) you’re obviously not working hard enough if you’re able to talk on the phone during class.

That’s all.

Have a great Mother’s Day Weekend!




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    Cassie Bustamante
    May 12, 2017 at 7:33 am

    that book sounds amazing!

    • Reply
      May 12, 2017 at 8:46 am

      It’s a great read Cassie. I really enjoyed it.

  • Reply
    May 12, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    What a difference! beautiful paint submit. love it.

  • Reply
    Mary Burrows
    May 12, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    LOve reading your 5+1 Fridays!

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