Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t) – 6.3.16

Happy Friday!

Last week felt like it would never end, and this week has completely flown by – I’m having a hard time getting my schedule straight as a result.  But, lucky for you, I remembered that it’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Friday 5+1.  This post contains some affiliate links.


I am super excited to share this find.  Now that I’m not working in the corporate world, my shoe wardrobe is fairly limited, and I’ve been looking for summer shoes that are comfy and cute, but not sloppy.  Enter Fitflops.  I have to thank my girlfriend for sharing them with me, she’s super casual like I am, has a couple pair of these and raves about them.  I’m sold.  I was so excited to get them that I did next day shipping, instead of my usual Prime two-day shipping.  Love them.  These are the ones I bought.



Reacher Painting Tool

I spotted this Reacher painting gadget at Sherwin Williams, and probably should have bought it since I still have a super-high, unreachable ceiling area that needs to be painted.

Reacher Painting Tool

Progressive Cherry-it Pitter

Summer fruit season is fast approaching, and I’m already loving the fruit that I’m getting at the grocery store.  I love cherries, but hate the pits, so check out this super duper cherry pitter.  It pits not one, not two, but FOUR cherries at once.

cherry pitter

Collapsible Mini Colander

While we’re on the subject of kitchen gadgets, how about this collapsible mini colander to help drain all of that amazing summer fruit?  I love that it takes up practically no storage space.  My current colanders are WAY too big.

Collapsible Colander

Faded App

I discovered the Faded photo editing app after attending Haven last year (thanks to the recommendation of sweet Liz Marie.  It’s a free app (although you can purchase additional functionality), but even without the additional functionality, there are lots of great filters to make your photos look fab.


My +1 for the week

I can’t seem to keep plants alive that I love, but also can’t seem to kill the weeds that incessantly pop up in my mulch beds.  Example: I have (well, I had) some new peony bushes that were planted last year, and apparently rabbits/deer have nipped off every single bud as some sort of cruel joke midnight snack!  Perhaps I should unleash the hounds and let them chase away the rabbits that love to taunt them outside of our front window…

Enjoy a beautiful weekend!


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