Furniture Makeovers: Get This, Make That


Like many of you, I’m always on the look out for great pieces that could be transformed into something even better.  Whether it’s a worn out chair, or a dresser that needs a little love, it’s fun to transform them into something completely new.  I figured it would be a fun post to take a peek at some items that I’ve spotted and give you an idea of what it could be.  It’s not always easy, and some people have a better eye than others, but it’s fun to speculate on the possibilities.

Thus the title of my post – “Get This, Make That”.  Get some furniture pieces that need some love.  Make them into something beautiful.  And you don’t necessarily have to do the “making” – I’ll paint just about anything, but upholstery, no thank you.

How about these nesting tables from Everything But The House as an example?  Nothing special, right?

But let’s consider the possibilities.  You could paint each of them a different color, like Raw Revivals did.  Cute, yes?  

You could go with any color palette here – three shades of gray, or perhaps a trio of colors that are in keeping with the colors in your home.


While the style of these vintage nesting tables is completely different, I love the colors, don’t you?  (the original link via Pinterest wasn’t any good, but I linked to the site where it was listed).

Or, you could simply paint the tops of the tables and leave the legs stained, like Centsational Girl Kate did here.

I’ve stumbled across a couple of these mid-century modern dressers recently, via craigslist and also on Everything But The House.  Reasonably priced too.

This one is a little beat up, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be saved.  There are lots of products out there that can help bring this mid-century beauty back to life.  I could see a makeover into something like this from Oh So Lovely Vintage.  So gorgeous!

Don’t you love it?  Or maybe something like this:

You have to love the talent at The Weathered Door.  So creative and so talented.  What a stunning piece!

Of course, you could go the classic route, and still get a great end result.  Nothing wrong with this clean look from Sincerely, Ashley and Sarah.

Plenty of options, right?

Let’s not leave upholstered furniture out of the mix.  Lord knows there is a lot of it out there, just crying out for a makeover.  Take this fan back chair as an example:

Definitely needs a little love.  Imagine something like this:


What a stunner!  Can you see it?  If you’re looking for a place to drool over gorgeous upholstery redos, check out Chairloom.  Not only is the name of the site super-clever, they are uber-talented in taking old furniture and giving them a new lease on life.  Exhibit A:


I don’t know what it is about a contrasting center stripe down the middle of a piece of furniture, but it had me at hello.  It’s just further proof that there are many old pieces of upholstered furniture that can be salvaged and restored.

Again with the center stripe:


I just saw a chair like this one on craigslist (the before version, that is).

Here it is – listed now for $20.  How crazy is that?  It’s like a doppelganger of the chair that was redone.

So there you have it – even more proof that some of those old garage sale finds can be revived and beautified!

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