Kitchen Island Dreaming


We get a local home/decor magazine every couple of months called Housetrends and I always enjoy it because it features local homes, products, shows, etc… and it always has something in it that catches my eye.  This issue really caught my attention because one of the homes featured, has a similar layout for its main living area, and I love the way the kitchen is set up.  It has me sitting here doing some kitchen island dreaming for sure.  Allow me to elaborate.

Let me start with this dreamy house and its gorgeous layout.  Now bear in mind that I said that the house has a similar layout, not the same layout.  Theirs is obviously way bigger than our house, but you’ll get this gist with my illustrative pictures. 😉

Here is a shot of their family room (and another case study for why a centered fireplace is so much better than a corner fireplace):

Here is our (not nearly as polished) family room.  I know, it’s not the same angle, but I can’t find a shot of the same angle to save my life right now!  You get the idea – similar, yes?  And a center fireplace would open up the door for so many other furniture options…

And now, the part that really caught my eye – the kitchen.  Namely, the layout of this kitchen.

Compare it to my kitchen layout (an old photo), but to give you a feel for the layout.  This is the difference between our breakfast bar setup and a big island.  Yes, I have an island now, but it’s a little one.  I’m happy to have it, but oh, how I would love a giant one like this the one in this kitchen.  Am I making any sense, or have I been inhaling a few too many paint fumes?

Not that I’m going to be tearing out my kitchen anytime soon, but if I won the lottery, this would be an awesome option, don’t you think?  I like the openness between the kitchen and family room.  I have some openness as it is now (and I’m not complaining about my kitchen), but in a perfect world, I love how these too rooms are open and flow so beautifully.

Ok, I’m jumping out of my fantasy land now and back into reality.  It’s nice to dream every now and then, isn’t it?  And fun to compare how a house is set up when it’s similar to your own.





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