Master Bedroom Redesign

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a room redesign that I’m working on, and this time it’s a master bedroom redesign.  But not my master bedroom.  It’s for my good friend Peggy, and it’s been a lot of fun working with her and pulling ideas together.  I’m finding myself really loving the pieces that we’re pulling together for this room, and even though I’m not formally participating in the One Room Challenge this spring, I am looking forward to sharing this transformation with you!  If you’d like to see my One Room Challenge projects, you can check them out below (I can’t believe I’ve participated in five of these challenges!).  ‘This post contains some affiliate links.

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Let me start by saying that Peggy has great taste, but doesn’t trust herself in making design decisions.  I’m happy to help, because we really have similar tastes, so shopping for her master bedroom is like shopping for myself in many ways.  Right now, she has old furniture that just isn’t cutting it in their master bedroom, and she’s wanting something updated and fresh, so that her master bedroom feels like a retreat.  Here is where things started.

This room offers plenty of space to stretch out and relax at the end of a long day.  Peggy and her husband bought this house a few years ago, but haven’t updated their furniture to accommodate the larger space.  The big thing that jumps out at me in here is that the furniture needs to be a larger scale.  Bigger headboard, larger side tables, and definitely a bigger dresser.

The navy club chairs were a find, and they’re perfect for the direction we’re going in here, so they’re definitely staying.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Redesign – The Plan

This room is really a blank slate in so many ways, which makes it a lot of fun.  Here are some of the items that we’re tackling as part of this project:

  • New upholstered bed
  • New bedding
  • A paneled wall treatment on the main wall where the bed is
  • Larger side tables
  • New dresser
  • New lighting
  • Window treatments
  • Accessories

The thing that I love about my friend Peggy is that when she takes on a project, she’s on it.  She’s super-organized and definitely not a procrastinator, and I wish I could emulate some of those talents in my daily life.  So, since we got the green light for this project, she’s been making rapid-fire decisions and getting things DONE.  So here are some of the items we’ve already ordered.


After giving her some bedding options, she opted for this beautiful duvet from Pottery Barn.  The great thing is that she already has a navy quilt and shams to go with it, so we ordered the Jordan duvet and matching European shams.

Jordana Duvet

For the headboard, we opted a more substantial piece, since scale was an issue in the current layout.  I can’t wait to see this upholstered headboard in here!

Beige Upholstered Headboard


As you can see from the before photos, a new dresser is in order too.  We browsed some of the usual places – Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, etc…, but ended up finding a really interesting piece from Joanna Gaines’ furniture collection.  When I came upon this dresser, I was smitten!  The hardware is so eye-catching, the color is beautiful and the size and scale is just what is needed in this room.  Plus, the price is comparable to a similar piece that we were considering at Pottery Barn.

Joanna Gaines Furniture - Bedroom Dresser

We’re still on the hunt for nightstands, but everything I’ve seen just isn’t large enough for the space that we have.  So, we’re looking into small chests that will serve the same purpose, while also giving even more storage space as a side bonus.  Just remember, your bedroom furniture doesn’t have to match.  As long as the pieces go together, you’re good to go.  Kind of the same way that clothing can go together, but not necessary “match”.

Something along these lines, like this chest of drawers from Wisteria.

Small Chest of Drawers - Wisteria

Or something like this Black Gustavian Chest – also from Wisteria.  I love that she has that extra space to work with and can accommodate a more substantial piece.

Wisteria Black Gustavian Chest

Wall Treatment

One of the biggest changes in here is going to be the wall treatment that we’re going to add to the headboard wall.  I love the detail and interest that this will bring to the space, and I really think it’s going to add some high drama in here as well.  Here is some of the inspiration that we’ve been drooling over in our planning.

I have always been a fan of this gorgeous office from Sarah at Life on Virginia Street.  So sharp and fresh, and the colors in here are just perfection!

Navy Wood Paneled Wall

Not that we’re necessarily doing a navy wall – I’m thinking we’ll probably go with white, but the navy is certainly appealing and interesting, don’t you think?


After going to Homearama last year, I have been keenly aware of the impact that pretty lighting has on a room.  It draws you in, catches your eye, and holds your attention.  We haven’t decided on lighting yet (Peggy uses her ceiling fan, so we might have to come up with a compromise), but here are some lighting ideas that I think could really make this room sing.

Look at this Neville chandelier is just the right size and scale for their master bedroom, and I love the soft brass finish on it.

Neville Chandelier

This six light chandelier is similar, but a bit more modern looking with its curved lines and slim shades.  I love this look!

Six Light Shaded Chandelier

But, I totally get the dependence upon a ceiling fan.  We still have one in our bedroom, and I like to have it going in the summer months to keep the air circulating, so I get it.  If we have to go that route, I’m just going to have to find something stylish.  The closest I’ve found are these Stile ceiling fan lights that I have in two of my kids’ rooms.  They give off good light, are sharp looking and still have a fan.

Stile Ceiling Fan in Brushed Nickel Finish

So we’re off to a roaring start, with a lot of things ordered, but still much work to be done!  I’m looking forward to sharing this master bedroom redesign with you.  It’s fun to have some non-cabinet painting projects going on every now and then!



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    April 11, 2019 at 9:12 am

    I love your plans for the room. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  • Reply
    Nancy Walden
    April 11, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    I love your plan! I updated my bedroom furniture a few years ago and had a similar problem with nightstands. I have a tall headboard and a thick mattress and when I ordered a Bombay chest that I loved, I didn’t pay enough attention to the height of the chest. It was too short for my very tall bed! Fortunately for me it was the perfect size to go next to the door. I ended up with a taller curved-front cabinet that has one drawer and a a shelf hidden inside. At the time I was not 100% happy with the narrower size but it left me enough room to add a small French-style armchair so it worked out in the end. I love how my furniture coordinates but isn’t all part of a set! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished room.

    • Reply
      April 11, 2019 at 5:14 pm

      I’m going to have to make sure we pay attention to this Nancy! I can see how easy it would be for that to happen! I wish I had enough space in my master for a big side chest – my side is right next to the doors to the bathroom, and there just isn’t enough space!

  • Reply
    April 12, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Hi Jenny,
    I don’t have social media but would like to engage your services and bounce some ideas around to revamp my master. Do you have an email?
    Many thanks

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