Mom Cave Progress

So, while I’m in the throes of multiple projects and almost finished with my most recent board and batten project in my laundry room, I have another one that is starting to take shape.  My office/Mom Cave!  I’m especially excited to get this room underway since this is the first time I’ve had a room that is truly my own.  You moms know what I mean – while the house is oftentimes viewed as “ours” there is a big difference between the house and our own ROOM.  A kid-free, mom-only space.  Priceless, yes?

So, a quick recap on the space I’m working with here.   No space is perfect, and every room has its pros and cons.  The pros of this space:
1.  It bears repeating – the room has DOORS.  Not just one door, but TWO.

Ok, not the best picture (pre-move in), but see those double doors to the left?  That’s my office.

2.  The space in this room is great. I have a main office area and a little niche too!
      Nice space, right?


      Here it is now – messy, I know…
      The “niche” off the main office space – pre move-in.
      And the niche as it stands right now – along with artwork that needs to be hung

3.  I also have some fantastic and functional storage.  And again, this is a pre-move in picture.  This closet is full of stuff at the moment!

Great closet with plenty of space to organize!
Great pros working in my favor, right?  The main con with this space is that I have no window!  It was originally intended to be an exercise room, and while I exercise, I prefer to do it in a gym, where there is no chance of being interrupted by my children. 🙂  But the lack of a window is kind of a bummer.  The room is also a poo-brown color right now (as is much of the basement as a whole.  Ew.  Yes, it can be fixed, but the overall basement is a BIG project, and requires more thought before I do anything.
For this room, I am using fabric as my inspiration, since I have Mr. Sad Ugly Chair as a starting point:

I have been agonizing over fabric for awhile, and decided since the room lacks natural light, that I wanted something bright, cheerful and fun in this space.  So, this is where the magic begins…
Hellooooo Beautiful.
These are the fabrics that I have purchased so far.  I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone here, and am going to have Mr. Sad Ugly Chair reupholstered in the paisley.  Yes, the paisley.  I am shooting for a bold statement with the chair print, and this is it.  Let’s hope that my vision comes to fruition and that it turns out as fun as I think it will.  The polka dot print and the green solid are going to be used for a bulletin board and to recover my office chair.  I’m thinking the pink for the bulletin board, but we’ll see.
Wall color is a whole different animal.  I have been bouncing between a cream or yellow to a softer green color.  I’m leaning toward something in the green range right now, will offer some contrast to my desk (which is cream) and some of the other things I have in mind for the space. 

Hearts of Palm

Rice Paddy

Celery Green

Hoping to paint soon.  Will keep you posted on my Mom Cave progress!

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    January 12, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    That looks like a great space! Very nice! =] It's so hard picking a paint color — well, at least for me it is! But exciting and fun.

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