One Room Challenge Week #2 – Teen Boy Bedding


Here we are in week two of the One Room Challenge, and I’ve made a wee bit of progress, but not as much as I would have liked.  Did you ever notice that when you’re looking for something specific, you can’t find it?  Yes, that’s where I’m at right now.  I know what I want (in my mind), but haven’t found it yet.  I did, however, find a bunch of great items that would have been perfect for my daughter’s room in last fall’s One Room Challenge.  So, if you’re doing a girl’s room this time around, I’ve got you covered!

One of the perks of living in Ohio, is that we have some pretty sweet outlet malls nearby, so I headed to the Pottery Barn Outlet with high hopes for finding some good bedding options.  Remember when I was looking for pom-pom drapes last year, and couldn’t find them anywhere?  Guess what?  Pottery Barn Outlet has them now.  Granted, I wanted aqua with white pom poms, (and my mom rocked it), but these are still pretty nice.

Pottery Barn Pom Pom Drapes

And a pom-pom pillow?  My daughter would have loved this one –

Pom Pom Pillow

And then this buffet of bedding in the colors I searched high and low for last year…

Pottery Barn Bedding

Or these options.  I swear, bedding for boys vs. girls is like shopping for baby boys vs. baby girls – there are so many more options for girls!

PB Teen Bedding

I think the gorgeous fall weather around here is taking hold, and I’m looking for something in the gray/orange family of colors, when it comes to bedding.  Shouldn’t be that difficult, right?  I didn’t find much of anything that I really loved for more masculine boy options.  I came close with these plaid sheets (I still love a pretty plaid when it comes to boy’s bedding).  If these were orange and gray plaid, it would be perfect.  And if they were queen size – these were full size, but I was tempted to give them a whirl anyway.

PB Plaid Sheets

I found some great drapes that had a blue velvet border on them, but since I’m leaning towards gray, I had to put them down and walk away.

I did find one thing that will serve as a great foundation piece when it comes to bedding.  This lovely gray velvet plush quilt.

You can see it’s on the spendy side on the Pottery Barn website (I think it was originally tagged at $249), but I got it for a cool $75 at the outlet.  So, while I didn’t get much, I really love this piece, and I think it will be really versatile in his room.

I’m also debating color when it comes to the walls and a potential paneled feature wall.  Do I go with a white feature wall, and then paint the other walls in a different color?  I’m thinking maybe white, and then a darker shade of gray on the surrounding walls.  But, I may be getting ahead of myself. I’m also hoping to scope out some headboard options this week as well, along with honing in on the bedding, since that’s really going to dictate the color palette for the room.

I’m also looking to add a mirror in here, and had discussed incorporating rich wood tones in here, and I find myself drawn to round wood mirrors like this one:


So, I have an idea in my head on the direction I’m going in this room – it’s always a process.  We’ll get there! 🙂



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    October 21, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Can’t wait to se. The final results. I know this room are going to be breathtaking

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