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We’re having a big fish fry at our house in just over a week, so outdoor entertaining has definitely been on my mind.  Not to mention getting the garage organized, the house pulled together, etc…  But, since I expect that the majority of the party will be outside (weather permitting), my focus has been on making it an inviting outdoor party.  

In order to make sure we have our bases covered for rain or excessive August heat (even though it’s been a relatively tame summer), we’ve rented a tent and tables to accommodate our guests.  I’m hoping to add my own touches to make it pretty and fun.

Source: Reluctant Entertainer

 I love the idea of adding some burlap to the tables, and adding some flowers-

Source: Green Tea Design
I could put my Mason jars to good use with some of these ideas.
Source: Unknown
Source: Indulgy

I wish I had an old canoe like this one to utilize as a help yourself cooler.  How cute is that?

Source: Rustic Wedding Chic

Since we’re planning on putting the tent out in the front on the driveway (since that’s where the action will be), I have been in a panic about the state of my garage.  It’s turned into that one room in your home that you decide to tackle, only to walk away feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  But, ideas like this do help calm me down a bit.

Source: Listotic
Something like this would be great for storing large pieces of scrap wood or PVC pipes.  I happen to have both of these items in my garage, and they are just plain awkward to store!

Source: The Family Handyman

I have another garage organization idea that I’ve implemented to tame all of the balls that we seem to accumulate.  I’m all about getting things off the ground, as that seems to be key in getting the garage organized.  Brilliant!  Designed to Dwell has it going on!

Source: Designed to Dwell

So, I copied leveraged her work, and made one of my own.

While I’m excited about our big fish fry party, I have to admit that I feel like I’ve been preparing for it all summer (or at least thinking about preparing for it – does that count?).  It’s stressful – especially with a party of this size.  It’s going to be a biggie.  

Expect me to be a raving lunatic next week.  Consider yourself warned.


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    Simply LKJ
    August 7, 2014 at 7:31 pm

    LOL. We are hosting the Baylor send off party here on Saturday. We just had the exterior of the house painted last week. I was a crazy lady, just praying it all got done in time.

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    August 7, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    How exciting to see that one of my projects inspired you! Good luck getting things ready for your party!

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