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I’ve always been jealous of those TV designers who go to a salvage yard to find old treasures that they make new or transform into something different and beautiful.  Up until now, we didn’t have any local salvage yards (that I knew of, anyway).  Well, that has changed.  One of my friends told me about a new place called Dayton Reclamation and Restoration.  They go into buildings that are going to be torn down and try to salvage as much as possible, and then sell it via their warehouse.  I had some free time last week, and decided to check it out for myself and share it with you.

When I see old pieces like they have here, you can’t help but say to yourself, “they just don’t make things like they used to…”

Oh, if these pieces could talk…  Isn’t this mantel amazing?

I can imagine this fireplace in an old craftsman home.  Stunning.

Gorgeous balusters.

Nothing like what you see in most homes nowadays.

Doors galore!

With sliding barn doors being such a trend, it was so neat to see these old doors.

Look at these sliding metal doors!  Would be so cool in an industrial space, and you have to wonder where they originated.

These doors caught my eye, with the metal work on the top.

Old, old pocket doors.  So neat.

Stained glass too.  A bunch of stuff in their warehouse was tied off for a new pub that is being built.  What a perfect source of materials, don’t you think?  If I were building a pub, I think I might pay this place a visit.

Loads of windows too.

Are you in the market for old beams?  This place has it all.

Even old door knobs, glass bottles and corbels.

And what appears to be a vintage light fixture.

Even some old drawers with timeless hardware.

They’re located at 280 N. Findlay St. Dayton, OH.  Check out their Facebook page here.  This place is worth the trip, as they’re always getting new treasures.  I must have spent an hour browsing all of the pieces they have, and I picked up a couple of items for myself that I will be sharing soon! 🙂

On a side note, I’ve finally joined the 21st century and am on Instagram.  My user name should have been “TheLastBloggerEvertoJoinInstagram”.  😉  You can find me here.  You can get a sneak peek at the painting that’s been going on in my family room – I finally made a decision!  More on that soon too. 😉

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