Sixteen Candles Movie House for Sale


I’m showing my age here, but I’m a child of the 80’s through and through, so when one of my best friends shared that Samantha Baker’s house from “Sixteen Candles” was for sale, my eyes and ears perked up and took notice.  Never mind that the two of us can practically recite that entire movie by heart, or that when my son declares that he’s going to be a sophomore, I chime in with “Sophomore, dude. Sophomore.  Full aged sophomore meat.”  I love this movie.

And we all remember their house –

And here it stands for sale today – listed for $1.49 million.

16 Candles House Now1

I remember this house having wallpaper everywhere, so I was curious to see what it looked like inside.  Remember this?

16 Candles Entry Then

Nice and updated (although looking at the walls up the stairs, it looks like they must have wrestled with that wallpaper to get it down.

16 Candles Entry Now

But you can see that the angled door in the background remains.  And the carpet is gone – hooray!

16 Candles Entry Before2

In the movie, it’s a closet, but if you look at the photo for the listing, it looks like it leads to the kitchen.

16 Candles Entry Now

You can see into the dining room from this shot as well.  We all remember the dining room from this scene:

Sixteen Candles Dining Room Before

16 Candles Dining Room After

The wainscoting looks like it is the same as in the movie.

16 Candles Dining Room2

Then there’s the living room.

16 Candles Living Room4

16 Candles Living Room3

It looks like the fireplace detail is still in tact.

16 Candles Living Room After

Remember the kitchen?  Oh boy.  Those cabinets.  That wallpaper.
16 candles kitchen before4

16 candles kitchen before3

It definitely got an upgrade.  Love that chalkboard wall.

16 Candles Kitchen After


16 candles kitchen after2

Upstairs, you’ll remember the bathroom (that Grandpa Fred “totally polluted”) –

16 Candles Bathroom

I love that the doors remain as they were in the movie.  The mix of the dark wood and white trim just works, doesn’t it?16 Candles House Now Upstairs

I remember loving Sam’s room on the third floor.

16 Candles Sams room before

16 candles sams room before2

It was almost like her own little apartment.16 Candles Sams Room

This is the third floor bedroom, but it’s hard to tell how they worked it in the movie since there appear to be more windows.

16 Candles Bedroom After

There’s also Jenny’s room, which I remember being really big in the movie.

16 Candles Jennys Room

Could the master have been her room?

16 Candles Bedroom After Master

Or maybe this one:

16 candles bedroom5

And then there is Mike’s room, with Long Duck Dong.
16 Candles Mikes Room

16 Candles Mikes Room2

16 Candles Mikes Bedroom

I don’t think this was his room, but you get a peek into another one of the bedrooms.

16 Candles Bedroom After4

To see more photos of this iconic 80’s home –  click here for the full listing.

Did you love Sixteen Candles as much as I did?


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