Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Week #3 –

After my not-so-big progress update last week due to the big scary kitchen makeover, I’m excited to share some serious progress with you this week!  First things first.  It no longer resembles a hoarder’s paradise.  I finally got to it, and paid my highly organized daughter $10 to take the emotion out of the decluttering process.  I posted items on our local Facebook Marketplace page (and realized I completely underpriced our pub table given the amount of responses I got in selling it), but the point I’m trying to make is that I cleared a lot of stuff OUT.  

And while my trash guy will probably curse the day I was born, it feels good to get rid of a lot of the crap that was cluttering up this space.

Remember this?

ORC Office Before

Now we have this…

Spring 2018 ORC Office Makeover

The main area looked like (gulp) this:

ORC Office Before

And now this:

Spring 2018 ORC Office Makeover

Although now that I got rid of the big IKEA bookcase (which was a nightmare), and in the interest of transparency, I have to figure out what to do with the stuff that was stored there.  So, it’s on my desk.  Which I’m looking to swap out for something a bit less bulky.

Spring 2018 ORC Office Makeover

But back to the positive things here.  There has been progress.  I also did some shopping this week, and am excited to share my plans and vision for this room.  This post contains some affiliate links.

Adding a Daybed

I had mentioned that I want it to be a multi-functional space, since we don’t have any true guest rooms in our house.  However, I also want it to be a usable office space for me, and a place for all of my scrapbooking/paperwork/etc…  So, the idea of a daybed/trundle bed has been in my mind for this room, and I finally pulled the trigger on this beautiful navy tufted daybed from Wayfair.

Wayfair Navy Tufted Daybed

This is another navy tufted daybed that caught my eye, but it doesn’t have a trundle bed, which has kind of been a sticking point for me for some reason.  But isn’t it pretty?

Navy Daybed

It’s scheduled to arrive on Friday, so I’m looking forward to putting it together and seeing how it looks and feels in the room.  As much as I wanted to buy bedding, I’m trying to hold off until the daybed arrives so that I’m sure that all of the colors jive.  That said, I’m really loving some of these bedding options.

Bedding Options

This Cambria quilt from Serena & Lily ties in the navy that’s in the daybed, and is reversible, which makes is super versatile as a result.  But both sides are conducive to the addition of throw pillows to bring in some of the other colors I’m looking to add in here.

Cambria QuiltThe Amalfi quilt is another one that caught my eye.  Again, I like the prints on both sides, although the bolder print might be too much.  But who knows?  It’s worth considering.

Amalfi QuiltThe Larkspur quilt has a beautiful graphic print and a more subtle reverse pattern, so I think it really offers the best of both worlds – bold print and a cool geometric option as well.

Larkspur Quilt

And finally, there is this striking Suzani quilt.  I love the print on this quilt, but it’s not reversible like the others.

Suzani Quilt

Do you have a favorite?  After looking at these again, I’m kind of digging the Larkspur – it appeals to my tendency to change things up, and it gives me options.

Lighting, Paint, Desk and Storage Options

I also hit the outlets this week in the hunt for lighting, a desk and storage options.  Nothing dazzled me in terms of the desk and storage options, and I think I’m going to wait until the daybed is in place before I make any final decisions.  I’m thinking I’d like something that will form a “U” shape or an “L” shape along the wall, or even something that lines up flush along the wall, but will also give plenty of space for the daybed.  Something similar to this desk setup from Wayfair would be ideal.  But without the bowed front.  Do you see where my head is on this?

L Shaped Desk Configuration

That said, I did find a light fixture!  I had been looking online, and had an idea of what I wanted.  I was thinking something with a brass/gold finish, and loved the idea of something with a pretty, feminine scalloped look.  Lo and behold, this gorgeous fixture came across my path at the Ballard Designs Outlet.  And the price was right – only $129.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Brass semi flush scalloped light

And, I decided on a paint color!  I know – can you even believe all of the decisions I’ve made, and it’s only week three?  Not week five and a half…  I’m going with Benjamin Moore’s Hazy Skies, and I think it will be a perfect neutral backdrop to the room.  Did I mention I added daylight lightbulbs down here since I have no windows?  It makes a huge difference in the feel of the room, although I’ll admit, it does sort of look like a spaceship is landing when you’re in other areas of the basement.  

But that’s neither here nor there right now.  I need bright light since I have no natural light!

Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies

So are you overwhelmed with my unexpected progress this week?  I am.  I’ll admit it.  But I’m feeling really happy with the direction this room is headed!  I have a feeling I’ll be painting and putting the daybed together this weekend, because that’s my idea of weekend fun these days. 🙂

Looking forward to sharing even more progress next week!

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Thanks for checking in and keeping me on track!





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    April 19, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    We are so on the same page with the navy tuftedness!!!! I ordered a navy velvet tufted sofa and I could not be more excited about a piece of furniture! What an awesome find that the you ordered has a trundle (I love the non-trundle one too!) This room is going to be gorgeous when you’re done with it! PS I remember when you first did this office, back when we were blogging newbies and I first met you! 🙂

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