Weekend 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t) – 11.6.22

Is it crazy that even ahead of Halloween, and I started feeling compelled to start decorating for the holidays? Surely, that’s not normal. But I will say that decorating early does make the holiday rush seem a wee bit less stressful. October rushed by in a flurry, and it’s been absolutely beautiful here in the midwest, so I don’t want to rush into the winter holidays too much. But, there is work to be done – including a Weekend 5+1! This post contains some affiliate links.

Freshen up your Hair

Sometimes I notice that my hair just feels like it has some sort of residue on it, if that makes sense.  I use good products in general, but it just seems to happen sometimes, and changing things up sometimes helps.  I found these two products and they lifted my hair out of its funk.  And yes, I know I’m not a beauty blogger, but I like to share things that I like, and I think you might enjoy as well.

This detox shampoo, paired with this leave-in conditioner gave my hair a new lease on life.

Fresh Scents

I’m not a big scent wearer in general, but when I do wear something, I like it to be fresh.  Not floral-y or overpowering.  Fresh. Clean.  I found these scents in a sample pack that I’m giving to myself as a stocking stuffer (and in all candor, I’ve already cracked it open).  If you’re a fan of clean scents, I highly recommend this, whether it’s a stocking stuffer for you, or someone you love.

Mini Christmas Tree Collars

I fell in love with the look of tree collars for Christmas trees when they first hit the scene.  But the other day was the first time I saw tree collars for mini Christmas trees.  How fun to add a little bit of pizazz to a Christmas tree for a college student, or in a kid’s room.  It’s the little details that make the difference, isn’t it?

Magnetic Wreath Hanger

I spotted this when I was out shopping and thought it was worth sharing since so many of us have metal doors.  Magnetic wreath hangers are a great alternative for hanging wreaths or holiday decor on a metal front door.  You could even use it inside your house – we have a metal door off our garage, and I’m thinking I could hang a wreath inside with one of these.

Salvaging Video Memories

I spotted this Video to Digital Converter in an article, and it caught my eye because I know I’m not the only one with old videos that still need to be preserved.  Sure, you can send your videos away to have them digitized by a company, but this allows you to do it yourself.  Even if you’ve had some of your VHS tapes digitized, the new format that they were transferred to might also be semi-obsolete (i.e., DVDs), so this solves that problem too.  Maybe add it to your gift list for the family memory keeper.

My +1 that I Don’t Like – People Backing in to Parking Spaces

This seems to be something that is more prevalent nowadays than it used to be, but it drives me nuts when people back into parking spaces.  Mainly because it always seems to happen in the middle of a busy parking lot, and is a huge inconvenience to anyone else who may be present.  Once I was actually walking across a spot where someone decided to back in as I was walking.  I know it’s easier to pull out of a spot that way, but it sure feels inconsiderate to every other human around.  Just me? Probably.

Rant over.

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? Hoping to get moving on it this week – although I decided to try and strip my front door to restain it, which is proving to be more labor intensive than I expected…



  • Reply
    November 7, 2022 at 9:35 am

    Oh wow, I’m the opposite, I wish more people would back into spaces! I back in as it’s so dangerous to back out of a space with drivers zooming around parking lots. I also hate when people back out of spots without looking at the pedestrians they are about to hit or the other car across from them that’s trying to back out. I don’t think way is wrong, we just need better drivers who pay attention 🤔

  • Reply
    Jennifer Maynard
    November 7, 2022 at 10:43 am

    I am right there with you on backing into spots. Drives me insane!!!

  • Reply
    November 29, 2022 at 6:22 am

    Oh my gosh, it’s a huge, huge pet peeve!! Backing into parking spaces backs up traffic more, since they don’t wait for a BREAK in traffic to move. Also, most newer cars have backup cameras, so the safety part of blindspots when backing out of a parking space is negated. Ugh.

    • Reply
      November 29, 2022 at 2:08 pm

      Plus, the way some of them are backed up (against curbs), I’m wondering how they’re going to get their groceries into their cars. It just doesn’t make sense!

  • Reply
    January 11, 2023 at 8:56 am

    Yes, backing into parking spaces is an annoyance to the other persons waiting to park but in the event of an emergency it is always better for persons to be driving out of a parking space rather than having to reverse out.

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