2022 Homearama Trends

Every year, I look forward to seeing what sort of Homearama trends will be in store with their annual tour.  Sometimes I’m on board, other times not, but usually it’s a mix.  This year proved to keep with that theme, but some things caught me by surprise.  I’ll be curious to see what you think based on trends you see in your area.

Moody Colors

I have always loved rich and moody paint colors, and was curious as to if/how they would come into play in this year’s tour.  The kitchens didn’t go very moody with paint, but I did see color on the walls, and in some of the cabinetry in the bathrooms and bar areas.  I think you have to be careful not to go overboard, as too much of a good thing can definitely backfire.  You can also go moody with tile, counters, floors – and there was plenty of that to go around too.

I loved this little butler’s pantry area – a perfect spot for moody finishes.

A moody office – yes, please.

I love this shade of green in this dining area.  So warm and gorgeous.

Forgive the glare – but this shower was a stunner!

Rooms of Glass

I’ll admit it, this trend caught me off guard.  We saw a lot of rooms that were essentially encased in glass.  Wine rooms, exercise rooms, office spaces, you name it.  I can sort of appreciate the intent – it keeps things feeling open, while still allowing for some privacy, but I can’t say that I was a fan of the trend.  I can only imagine if the homeowner happens to have small kids, and could envision the fingerprints/mouth marks that would inevitably follow.

Semi-Independent Living Spaces

Coming out of the pandemic, I can appreciate some of the spaces in the homes this year.  Having people working from home, kids living at home, it’s really nice to have a mix of open spaces, but also separate spaces.  Another Homearama trend from this year was having living spaces that were separate from the rest of the house, to give some sense of independent living.  Some of them were almost too nice – like a fancy hotel room to where I could see where my kids would want to stay and live for a little too long.  But, I can see the appeal.  Everyone likes to have some space away from one another, and these living areas were great for that, and keeping the peace among those living there.

What you don’t see in this photo is the wall of cabinetry opposite the bed.  It’s a gorgeous suite that rivals the primary bedroom! A stunning bathroom too.

This space had it’s own staircase that led to this area as well as two bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom.  Almost like its own little apartment.  Good, bad or otherwise, I know this sort of space would be a huge hit in our house.

Hidden Kitchen Spaces

This is a trend that has continued from the past couple years of Homearama tours – hidden kitchen spaces.  By that I mean well-equipped pantries, second refrigerators and even additional sinks/dishwashers, hidden in a room off the kitchen.  I like the idea – having a place to put dishes/pots/pans that’s out of sight while you’re entertaining is great.  In one home last year, they had the ovens hidden away, which I really didn’t like.  It didn’t seem like a functional way to operate in the kitchen while cooking.  But generally speaking, I think it’s great.

Touches of Wallpaper

No massive swaths of wallpaper, but accents here and there, some subtle, some bold. Or a luxurious application in a powder room (which I love).

White Kitchens and Open Floor Plans

White kitchens still abound, as do open floor plans.  Although like I said, there are still spaces carved out for privacy and separation, which I think is important for the way that we live. Bolder color is showing up in bathroom and laundry cabinetry, or in a butler’s pantry.  A really nice balance overall. Although none of the kitchens this year really “wowed” me – I think I enjoyed the function of some of the hidden pantry spaces more!

But this beautiful open family room was one of my favorites.  Instead of rich and moody, they went with gorgeous pastels, and it just worked.

What do you think of the Homearama trends this year?  Are you as perplexed as I am with the glass room trend? Anything that you love or really dislike? What’s trending in your area?

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    October 7, 2022 at 6:52 am

    The glass rooms remind me of a bank or some other commercial space. I can’t see that trend catching on.

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      October 29, 2022 at 11:36 am

      100% YES!!!

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