Weekend 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t) – 3.12.23

I’m groggy today, adjusting to the dreaded time change, and we were greeted with a coating of snow this morning, which is a bit depressing since the added daylight always feels like warmer weather is around the corner.  I’m sure it will pass, but that’s par for the course for this time of year in the midwest, I suppose.  But, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a 5+1, so let’s get to it.  This post contains some affiliate links.

Social Media Detox

First things first, I decided to do a social media detox for Lent this year.  It was kind of a last minute thing, but I am so glad I gave it a go.  I do still answer messages for work stuff, since I’m sort of tethered to social media for that, but it’s been minimal.  I also save recipes on Instagram, so I allow myself to go on to grab those if need be.  I found that I was just wasting too much time mindlessly scrolling and it left me feeling … bad, for lack of a better word.  I can’t say exactly why – maybe because I felt like I should be doing more, posting more, putting myself out there more.  Plus, my screen time was frankly, embarrassing.  I could learn a second language if I devoted that extra time to studying.  Ridiculous.  Stepping away is giving me a chance to reevaluate things and also put my energy into other things.  

It was somewhat startling at first to realize how reflexive it was for me to grab my phone and automatically go to social media.  I ended up moving my apps to another page on my phone so that they weren’t in their normal spot, which was helpful.  Do I miss it?  Surprisingly, no.  Ok, maybe on my birthday, when you get all of the birthday wishes, but that’s it.  I do miss following my friends, but the rest of it is just a whole lot of noise, and my brain is more quiet now, which is a good thing.  If you’re feeling this way about social media, I highly recommend taking some conscious time away to see how you feel.

Vornado Fan

Like many people, I like to have some white noise at night, and our room also has the tendency to run warm, so it’s nice to have a fan going as well sometimes. This Vornado fan came on my radar when I was on my scrapbooking trip, and we had one in our room.  It’s small, but it puts out some amazing air circulation, and the noise is a great white noise level.  Yes, these are the things that jazz me up enough to share with others these days.


A friend turned me on to this app – 1 Second Everyday.  The basic idea around it is to take one photo or short video each day, and then upload it to the app.  At the end of the year, you have a full montage of photos/video from the year to look back on and remember.  Granted, I don’t do it every single day, but even then, you still have a great collection when it’s all said and done.

Sharon Nowlan Pebble Art

I have purchased some of this pebble art for friends and family, and absolutely love it.  They have it for just about any occasion you can imagine, with lots of gorgeous designs.  I love that they’re small, thoughtful and pretty, and can be used in any home, regardless of taste.  They’re great gifts that are outside of the box, but also thoughtful and special.

This is one that we have in our home.  It’s small – probably 6×6, and sits on one of our end tables.  I gave a wedding themed one to my niece as a gift – just lots of meaningful, tasteful ideas out there.

Funny T-shirts

My husband and I went to California last month to visit friends, and as part of that visit, we always play Euchre.  From what I understand, Euchre is somewhat of a midwestern phenomenon, so bear with me if you’ve never heard of it.  It’s a fun card game that I learned to play in high school and still love playing to this day.  It’s wives against husbands, so you can imagine the competition gets pretty heated.  I bought these t-shirts for me and my partner, and I have to say, we blindsided the guys when we surprised them with them during the game.  I might add, that we continued a winning streak, after the t-shirts were unveiled.

My +1 for the week – Food products that should never have been invented

On a personal note, I have recently lost 30 pounds (a story for another time and place perhaps) and have been keenly aware of a lot of the crap that’s floating around on our grocery shelves.  Some of these products have just crossed the line of common sense, and have me questioning decisions being made within the food industry.  

Exhibit A:

I mean, come on.  That’s just gross. I should note that these pancake were right next to this… Marketed with a “healthy” slant, with protein and vitamins and minerals, but the ingredients tell another story.  

It’s just something that is a sticking point for me and has been for awhile.  The fact that this stuff just seems to be getting worse and worse, is concerning to me.

Have a great week!







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