2021 Home Design Trends from Homearama – Part 2

Today is a second installment of more 2021 home design trends from Homearama this year.  I hope you all found something to inspire you in my first post on 2021 Design Trends from Homearama.  Since there were so many beautiful spaces to share, I decided to break things up with another post.  We still have to talk about bathrooms, wallpaper and home offices!  Let’s get to it.

Bathroom Trends

There were some beautiful bathrooms on the tour, with tile stealing the show.  Now that our kitchen is done, we have our master bathroom on the radar, and some of these really inspire.  Take a peek at this dreamy tile along the back of this shower, paired with the beautiful cabinetry and finishes.

I love this whole look – I don’t know if I would get tired of that beautiful blue tile or not.

Even small bathrooms were running high on style.

How do you feel about having a tub in the shower?  I don’t think I would do one (I’m “Team Shower”) – but sometimes it’s a matter of space allocation, and it just makes sense.  While this bathroom is beautiful, I do have concerns about the slip factor of the tile.  You can see a reflection from the window, and how glossy it is.  How do you get out of the tub/shower without slipping and breaking a leg (or hip)?  Maybe there is some sort of anti-slip factor that I’m not aware of, but I have slipped on my tile on more than one occasion, and it’s not nearly as glossy.

This is another stunner from the tour. Beautiful chandelier and finishes.  Aside from the view right out to the front yard, the master bathroom is beautiful.

And such pretty contrast with the shower tile too.

This bathroom really caught my eye, in part, because it was so different from the others with white tile the star of the show.  I love the darker tile paired with the wood vanity.  And yet, the bathroom still reads as bright and beautiful.

This photo really gives a better perspective on how pretty this vanity is.

Gorgeous Wallpaper

I’m transitioning to wallpaper, because there were so many striking options that caught my eye.  However, we’re still going to talk about bathrooms for a hot minute.  Wallpaper in a bathroom just really takes it to the next level, and adding a layer of sophistication.

Exhibit A – this beautiful wallpaper, paired with the muted gray-blue vanity and the curvy mirror is just a show stopper.

2021 Home Design Trends - Wallpaper

Exhibit B – same argument.  Super stylish vanity and a mirror with a super cool factor, along with the wallpaper – that’s the formula for taking your powder room to the next level.  

Again, the formula proves itself once again.  Makes me want to add wallpaper to a powder room – which is saying a lot, considering I’ve removed so. much. wallpaper.  In a small bathroom, that’s a space where I can get behind the idea of wallpaper.  No huge rooms.  Itty bitty ones.

2021 Home Design Trends

A beautiful wood look wallpaper adds texture and interest to this luxurious master bedroom.

I’m sharing the context for the next wallpaper favorite.  Cute mudroom, right?

But the wallpaper is just adorable, and perfect in here.

This space is definitely the best use of wallpaper in the whole show.  Yes, this is wallpaper.  I haven’t seen anything like it.  It has texture and weight to it, that is unlike what you normally see.  Super stylish and modern, perfect for this basement bar area.  I thought for sure it was tile.  What a cool alternative!

Given the fact that so many people are working from home on a semi-permanent basis now, I figured offices were worth a look too.  I would certainly love to see an office like some of these here.

This clean lined, light filled office was one of my favorites.  Such a beautiful space to work, with a great view outside too.

This office falls on the opposite side of the spectrum, with a dark and moody 

Another cozy office vibe going here.  Even though I know these spaces are staged, I have to wonder where the multiple monitors come into play in real life. 😉  That’s our office reality right now, and I can tell you it’s not aesthetically pleasing.

This office area is smaller than most, with the desk area built in.  Not sure how this will work functionally, for daily use, but you could certainly add a desk, or turn this into a nice little den.


These homes are always so much fun to tour, and I love sharing them with you.  I hope you’re able to find some of the 2021 home design trends that you love somewhere in the midst of all of these tours.  I always walk away inspired in some way.

Click here or more details on the Homearama 2021 builders, along with floor plans and more photos of these beautiful homes.



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