2023 Homearama Trends

I’m super late in sharing this year’s 2023 Homearama trends, and I apologize.  Lots going on around here – namely, my parents are downsizing from their home of 40 years, and it’s been stressful.  The end is in sight though! They are officially living in their new place, and close on their old place in the next two weeks.  Such a bittersweet thing – so many memories in that house, and it’s hard to say good-bye.  But their new place is great – brand new, beautiful finishes and low maintenance.  But it is really eye opening to see what you have to deal with when moving from a larger home to a smaller one.  Makes me want to purge and keep my stuff to a minimum.

In fact, a guy who does junk clean outs in the area posted his dumpster trailer for rent for a weekend, so I snatched up the opportunity and did a major purge of our basement storage room.  It was (and still sort of is), bad.  Just a dumping ground for everything people don’t want to deal with.  We filled the dumpster and could quite honestly, rent it again.

Let’s get on with highlights from this year’s Homearama! It was in a more urban setting again this year, with multi-story homes vs. your more suburban style homes, but there was still a lot to take in when it comes to trends.  To give you an idea of what the exteriors looked like, here is one of the homes.  Multi-level, low maintenance, with spectacular city views.

Swanky Outdoor Spaces

If you’re in a home with limited yard space, it’s always interesting to see how you can get creative when it comes to outdoor spaces.  I know with my parents downsizing from a large, private yard, they’re going to be adjusting to having neighbors close by.  But there are a lot of things you can do to maximize privacy and make the most of the space that you have.

Privacy fencing and a large rock wall do the trick in this backyard space.

  Adding beautiful planters also brings color and depth to any outdoor area.

The outdoor spaces on the upper levels of these homes are built for entertaining.  I could imagine a young professional couple spending time with friends here with the view of the Cincinnati skyline.

Rooftop Living

Of course, in order to make these outdoor spaces work, you don’t want to be schlepping food and drinks up and down the multiple floors that all of these homes have.  The solution to that is some beautiful and functional connecting indoor spaces. So hip and stylish.  I could totally imagine hanging out here during football season, with the game on the big screen, and the stadium within sight as well.  Aren’t those leather chairs fantastic?

Lots of graphic pattern in this year’s Homearama.  Whether it’s tile pattern, millwork, or wallpaper, you’ll find it.

Geometric Prints

I love geometric prints, whether it’s in a rug, wallpaper, or tile application.  Lots of geometric prints in this year’s show, and bathrooms seemed to be one of the places where you saw them the most.

The graphic floor tile in here was a real attention grabber.  So well done, and the focal point of the bathroom without being overpowering.

My Homearama Favorites

Some of the homes spoke to me more than others, so here are some of my design favorites.

This. Office.  Oh my goodness – I fell in love immediately.  The massive shelving and storage, the gorgeous view, the stunning wood finishes, the color palette.  I would almost consider working a desk job if this was my office space.

Sophisticated tone on tone neutral spaces.  When it’s done right, it’s so gorgeous and just exudes a luxury feel.

This dining room space was my absolute favorite.  I love the floor to ceiling storage with the open shelves as well as the cabinetry for hidden storage.  It leaves me wanting to get rid of more furniture and incorporate more built-in functionality.  You can really customize it to the way you live in ways that stand alone pieces of furniture do not always allow.

I love the idea of large vanities with massive drawers like these.  The floor tile was also really interesting and gorgeous.  Although with the high gloss I fear I might slip and break a hip coming out of the shower.

These wood vanities were kind of unexpected, but totally worked and were so warm against the other finishes in this bathroom.

That sums up some of the 2023 Homearama trends and my favorites as well.  Do you have a home show like this in your area?  Do you go?  It’s like an annual pilgrimage for me – I don’t miss it!

If you want to check out other recent shows, you can find them here – or search Homearama on my blog and you’ll find even more!

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    August 11, 2023 at 2:36 pm

    We moved out of state and downsized. So glad we did. We did not get rid of enough stuff. Working through the last little bit. We are going to add on 126 sq feet to make our kitchen work for 2 people and any entertaining. The builders could have made the space a little more useable.

    Not sure I like the trends except for the patterned flooring in baths.

  • Reply
    DEE yaklich
    August 11, 2023 at 8:30 pm

    I love the black vanity in the geometric bath. Who is the company that sells it?

    • Reply
      August 14, 2023 at 11:00 am

      Sorry – I don’t have that information.

  • Reply
    Becky B
    December 18, 2023 at 5:50 am

    Absolutely loved the mix of practicality and style in this year’s Homearama trends! The focus on maximizing small spaces with clever designs, especially in outdoor areas, is so relevant and inspiring. Can’t wait to incorporate some of these ideas into my own home.

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