Homearama 2019: Day Six

I’m really enjoying going back through the photos of these tours, because I can really take time and appreciate them a bit more.  I’m noticing things that I didn’t catch the first time through.  Don’t be fooled by the exterior of this home – I promise it’s not a log cabin motif on the inside.  It’s quite unexpected, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  I certainly was.

House #6 – The Nantucket 
Price: $1.3M 
Square Footage: 5,300 sq. ft.
Builder: Robert Lucke Group

Like I said, the exterior of this home wasn’t my favorite. It’s nice, but again, it kind of gave off a log cabin vibe, which isn’t my personal favorite.   Maybe that’s just my interpretation.

The Breckenridge - Homearama 2019

I will fully admit that I was very pleased with what I discovered upon going inside of this home, and you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Breckenridge Homearama 2019 - Great Room

No log cabin in here!  A beamed ceiling, yes, but no log walls anywhere to be found.  To the left is this rich looking study.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge

Off the great room is the kitchen, and it is equally appealing.  I know you’re going to ask – “What color is the cabinetry and the door?”  I’ve got you covered – it’s “Gray” a Benjamin Moore color.  I’ve actually used it before, and it’s a perfect, rich gray.  This home has a lot of high contrast going for it, and the kitchen is just the beginning.  

2019 Homearama - Kitchen

I mean, just look at this wall of cabinets.  The gold hardware is perfect with the rich gray.   And this goes to show that you can have dark cabinets and still have a bright kitchen.  The light countertops and backsplash, along with the lighter flooring, really keep this kitchen from leaning anywhere towards feeling dark.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge

It’s a perfect mix of light and dark with a dash of wood tones.  I could totally get on board with a kitchen like this.  And those bar stools were made for this space.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge

The dining room is off the kitchen as well.

There is also a guest suite that is tucked away on the main floor, just off the kitchen.  It sounds strange at first, but they designed it in a way that works.  There is a little hallway that leads to the guest suite so that it still maintains some privacy, and isn’t right off of the main living areas.  It’s a nice cozy little retreat.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Guest Suite

And a roomy guest bathroom is in here as well – with all of the amenities.  I wish I knew the wall color in here – such a perfect, inky blue.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Guest Bathroom

To round out the main level, there is a master suite that carries on the high contrast look that I’m loving so much.  I’m not sure of the wall color, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same gray that’s on the cabinets and doors.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Master Suite

High contrast continues in the master bathroom.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Master Bathroom

As we head upstairs, there is a den and loft space, along with two additional bedrooms.  This space looks cool as it’s set up here, but I’m wondering how it would function in every day life.

Here is the loft space.  It could be a hang out space for the kids.  What do you think?  Would these open spaces get used if you lived here?

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Master Bathroom - Loft

One of the bedrooms…

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Bedroom

With a hip looking attached bathroom – 

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Bathroom

And a fun girl’s room and bathroom

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge -  Girl's Room

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge -  Kid's Bathroom

Heading downstairs to the basement, the media room is trimmed out with molding and invites you to sit down and snuggle in.  I really love the sunken media rooms in the basements.  They just make sense, and give it more of a “movie vibe”.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Media Room

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Basement Bar

There is also another bedroom and bathroom down here, along with a recreation area with a cool vintage ping pong table.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Rec Room

As we head back up to the main floor, there is a vast mud room, along with one of my favorite powder rooms.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Mud Room

Again, I love the graphic wallpaper, coupled with the prints on the wall, and the clever mirror in here.  It just really caught my eye – something totally different and fun for a small powder room.

2019 Homearama - The Breckenridge - Graphic Design Powder Room

So what do you think of the Breckenridge?  Are you pleasantly surprised?  Do you like the high contrast look?

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